Samsung S24 Ultra 2024 – Mind BLOWING Leaks

Samsung S24 Ultra 2024

Samsung S24 Ultra 2024 – Mind BLOWING Leaks

Whether the S23 will be able to defeat the Ultra-1 series or not, it will be known only when this phone is released but if we talk about the S24 series, then the first thing here is that the release dates are going to be as usual and all the YouTube channels are there. Also the media will be busy there so 17th is a good date and if Samsung’s are there on 17th they will come and this time this event is going to be held inside San Jose, before that in San Francisco New York and Seoul which is in South Korea. He falls there and unveils all the products but this time for the first time .

Those are the ones which are going to come because here the processor of Samsung’s Dragon’s is also coming first and here you will know that we will get to see something of low class inside the S24 series. Talking about the price, the price is going to be exactly the same. In US and UK, if I talk about US, then this is the phone I bought for Rs. 1199. If I talk about India, then the price there may go up a bit, how much will it cost, I don’t have any idea about it right now, but it sounds like this. This is what is coming, due to inflation etc. the price will increase a bit compared to before.

Samsung S24 Ultra 2024

Samsung S24 Ultra 2024

Now in comparison, first of all let’s talk about the looks. Now you are looking at the picture, it looks similar, you will not see much difference here, but the biggest thing here is the aluminum which is gloss aluminum. Here we used to get it in the side frames, now it is going to be from Samsung’s, so here you can see that the matte finish is looking quite good, along with that, if you look at the buttons also, the buttons are quite thick, the new ones. s24 The A pun which remains at the bottom inside the Aa has also become flat this time in comparison to earlier and

The speaker grills here are now available to you in a D design. At the top, now here you are getting two mics instead of one, so you can expect better call quality. Expect better audio. You can see inside the Blogpost s and the Titanium which we are getting, it will be available in all the three models of S24, inside S24 Plus and Ultra, it is not that they have kept it only for Ultra and while we are talking about looks, here is what we have right now Till now we get a curved display of S23 A, I like it very much because it is very comfortable to hold.

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It is going away, in its place a design with flat edges is coming. It was very difficult for you to catch on iPhone 11, there you are going to get a completely flat display and you are seeing its pictures now and the display is here and here. The bezels on it will remain the same as Samsung’s. If we are talking about the display then the resolution will remain exactly the same which we get now but here the peak brightness which is going to increase from 1750 is going to increase from 2500 nits. You will get a very bright screen. You are going to get your s24 ultra-1 3 which supports 240Hz.

It won’t make that much difference to normal people but if you do gaming then you will definitely notice the difference when you do gaming within 144hz. And if we are talking about the display of your phone then the screen sizes. They are going to be almost the same which we used to see till now in S23 series, but here in S24 we will get 6.

Samsung S24 Ultra 2024

1 inch display inside s24 p we will get 6.6 inch display and inside s24 a we will get 6.8 inch display and here I am talking about display and design, so let me tell you one more thing here. It is going to be S24, it will be 1 gram lighter than S23 and inside it we will get to see four colors: black, gray, violet and yellow pictures. Now you guys are looking at the top of the screen, so which color is your favorite, I am the gray one. I am liking both black and white, now you guys tell me which color do you like among these four colors and here is all about it.

Talking about things, I am talking a lot about S24 A, also pictures of S24 and S24 P. Now you guys are seeing above the screen, the look is in front of you, titanium is also available here, flat edges design is here. You are getting to see it and now let’s talk about one thing on which everyone’s attention comes first, that is the camera and this time you know the camera of S23, if I talk about photos in iPhone’s. Do you know that iPhone 11 will get zoom lens and instead of 10 megapixels, you will get 50x zoom?

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Lens is available but here you will not get 10x optical zoom, now you will get 5x optical zoom as we have now on but now it is going above 5x because people say that 10x optical zoom is so much. This is not practical and here samsung-ro will save both in the gallery, so if you want a close-up of something and also want to make a complete Blogpost , then you can do that and samsung-ro will give you the quality and

Along with this, there are many AI features here as well, Samsung’s but if you are taking S24 or S24 P, then there you can get the processor as we used to see a long time ago, but at other places you can get a slightly lower quality one. If you are giving money then you are taking more money there then according to me

The processor which is from S should come same everywhere. Now what do you think? AX or Snap7 512 & 1B and if we talk about RAM then inside S24 we will get 8GB RAM S24. Inside P we will get 8GB & 12GB RAM and S24. We will get two RAM options inside it, 8 and 12GB, before which we were hearing that there will be a special variant where 16GB and 2 Terat storage will be available, nothing like this is happening, we are going to get only 8 and 12GB RAM. After that, let’s talk about the battery. The battery sizes are going to remain the same as we know now.

Samsung S24 Ultra 2024

If I talk about charging speeds, then we will get 45 watts of charging. I am talking about wide charging in s24 aa and s24 p. But if we talk about regular s2 24, then there we will get 25 watts. Only 1000mAh battery will be seen and this is all the leaks and rumors about the S24 series and now only a few days are left and after that the S24 series will be revealed to all of us. One month and 10 days to be released. This was my Blogpost , now tell me which feature did you like about the S24 series or are you disappointed at all?

After hearing all these things, what I like the most are the Blogpost  features and I am very excited to test the zoom capabilities. I am going to have this phone in a few days, so let’s see. What happens but before that there is CS and I am going into it. Let’s see what technologies are coming. Well, I will end this Blogpost  here.  I will see the next Blogpost . Till then take care bye

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