Salaar Day 4 Final Box Office Collection Prediction | Salaar Box Office Collection Worldwide|Prabhas

Salaar Day 4 Final Box Office Collection

Salaar Day 4 Final Box Office Collection Prediction | Salaar Box Office Collection Worldwide|Prabhas

Welcome back friends, how are you all, I hope you all are well, so guys, Day Four of Salaar i.e. today is the early estimator of Monday’s box office collection and brother, as much as I thought, it is Monday, the first three days. This film has already done very good collection, now it is Monday, even though it is Christmas, but who knows, the response may reduce on Monday, the box office collection may not be that good, but guys, I was wrong, guys, let me tell you, such an amazing box office. The collection is predictable and the occupancy is so amazing that you people will say that today is Monday.

There is going to be a disaster, so is the whole scene complete? . So let us know. Guys always. Well, first of all I will tell you the occupancy, so Salar’s brother, today within the day four in Telugu language, the occupancy in the morning was 46, in the afternoon the occupancy was 72, in the evening the occupancy was 70, brother, this is outstanding my love. So it was in Telugu language, if I go

Direct Bhai Saheb, what are you saying about the Hindi language occupancy? So in the morning the occupancy is around 19, in the afternoon the occupancy is 38, in the evening the occupancy is 43. What was there yesterday Sunday, yesterday Sunday morning. Occupancy was fine, in the afternoon the occupancy had gone up to 80 but in the evening it went down and in the night it went down further but today in the morning it is at 19, in the afternoon at 38 and brother, in the evening it is at 43. 43 and with this, which is done by twitter4j. Ki Bhai Hindi collection has already been done, that means we can expect

14 14 to 50 14 to 15 crores is going to come even today and if this much comes then this is outstanding collection I say very amazing how to see within the first three days brother the official Hindi net collection is 53 crores let’s assume ₹ crore comes Let’s assume that if this much comes then 53 + 15 Almost Bhai Saheb, if I add it to the plus then Bhai Saheb it will become 8 crores i.e. 70 crores. Almost within the first four days Bhai Saheb net collection of 70 crores i.e. brother Definitely Hindi is going to hit 100 crores, brother, it will be important to see how far it will go above that.

Salaar Day 4 Final Box Office Collection

Sir, after all this, if I now come to the box office collection prediction to see what is going on, then right now when I am recording this Blogpost, it is exactly 7:00, that is, brother, it is 7:5 10 now brother, till now. 7 o’clock means if you only agree with us directly, then till 7 o’clock in the night the official net collection of Rs. 34 crores has been done, the net collection of Rs. 334 crores, my brother, now guys, see, now the scenario is that the total net collection of yesterday was 34 crores. The collection was 62 crores, day two was also 56 crores and today brother, if till 700 o’clock it is 34 crores then after 7:00 it will be 8 crores.

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9 10 11 12 There are five major hours i.e. you know it is the night time and in the night brother all the audience prefer to watch the movie and on top of that Christmas is going on so brother I think 34 so you brother less. If you can take 10 crore more then it will be somewhere around 44, but brother, even if it is not 44 crore, it is 40 crore, then this is an outstanding collection. Yes, in my view brother, this will be a very good collection, but please respect. Let’s say if there is a net collection of 44 crores then this gross brother will be around 60 crores means 58 60

It will go up to crores, then after that overseas will come, so brother in overseas, the current prediction brother, the prediction is almost 40 30 of ₹ crore, it becomes 70 crore, that is, there are highly highly highly chances that today within day four. Salaar is going to do a box office collection of ₹ Crore. Now look guys, I will now go by two scenarios, one is the producers’ numbers, one is the trade’s numbers, I will tell you the collection of both the numbers simultaneously, whatever happened to you guys, believe it, number one brother. Producers’ number is 402 crores, out of which 70 crores have come today, it is more than that.

Salaar Day 4 Final Box Office Collection

Will come but if so many come then brother add 70 crores and it becomes 472 crores i.e. within the first four days brother the official world wide gross collection of 472 crores will be done but if I don’t see the numbers of producers then I will see the numbers of trade. So according to that, Bhai Saheb net of 345 crores means world wide gross collection has been done within the first three days, if I add 70 crores to 345 in today’s collection, then Bhai Saheb it will almost become 415 crores, 415 crores. Meaning producers’ numbers are 472 crores and brother, these are trade numbers.

Those 415 crores are yours, whatever you want, now brother, believe it, then many things brother, many people are telling me that this is fake box office collection, this is done, that is done, so brother, I have already made a detailed BlogPost on this before. You must read that blogpost, you will know what is box office collection, what is fake box office collection, why is it increasing, why is it increasing, that is, if you go back 2 years, if a film had earned more money, then everyone would have been happy. In today’s time, if a film earns more money then people raise the question that what is the box office collection and in this year?

Salaar Day 4 Final Box Office Collection

Sir, we saw this not once, not two, but multiple times, first Pathan came, I saw his time, Jawan came, I saw his time, I did not see Animal’s time, we saw Gadar II’s time, we saw A South’s Leo’s time, and now we are seeing Salar’s time, multi pulse time. So what do you mean by the whole day scene, I have told you about it in detail, now Bhai Saheb, you must watch it. After this, if I give the lifetime box office collection prediction of Salaar, then guys, the way it is going, if it continues like this then it will It won’t take much time to make 1000 crores, the way it is

It is going on, yes, it depends, yes, in the upcoming days, that means again the same thing comes that once Happy New Year ends, after that we will actually know what is going to happen. My prediction brother, it will make 1000 crores and by the way. Also brother, the kind of numbers the makers have, I think 1000 crores is not a big game for this and anyway another record brother, this is a record, I will not say it but it is certain that brother Salar has also achieved this in Australia. It has made a box office collection of $ million dollars and has crossed 10 million plus in North America.

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It has created records even in overseas big guys, so now hope for the best, let’s see what happens with the bike and other guys. If I tell you personally, I will only say about the box office collection that this is a great part one. And the collection of part one is always less. Actually the collection is of part two only so hope for the best let’s see what happens I know I know many of you brothers and friends are sending me that brother What are the details of Part 2 Salaar? When will that interview of Part 2 come on OTT?

It’s here, shooting of part two has been completed, I don’t know from where you keep getting news, so I will tell you all the details, but nowadays you know the box office collection of Salaar, so it is very important to cover it up.

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