What makes GTA VI the largest game of all time?

What makes GTA VI the largest game

What makes GTA VI the largest game of all time?

GTA V was released in 2013 and in 2023, only the trailer of GTA VI was released. You can guess the hype of GTA VI from the fact that the trailer of GTA VI was leaked before the official release time. And when it was leaked, Rockstar Games thought that it was leaked, so why not make their trailer live. So before that, you got to see the trailer of GTA VI.

But let me tell you one thing, Rockstar Games themselves had never imagined such a hype of GTA VI. In 1996, when the company was making its first GTA, even they didn’t think that this game would create this level of hype. And for those who don’t know, the first game of GTA didn’t look like today’s GTA at all.

What makes GTA VI the largest game

It was a 2D game in which you could enjoy the game from the top view. And today, the type of GTA you get to see is the type that started with GTA III. That is, the type of 3D graphics that you can enjoy in the city and that was the first feel due to which GTA was made here. Let me give you an example, why are GTA games liked here? That is, you get freedom in it.

You can go inside a city and do all the things that you can’t do in the real world. You can take anyone’s car and run away, you can shoot anywhere, you can go anywhere. All these things were introduced. And this was the main thing that made GTA popular. Before this, there were open world games. Even after GTA, there are open world games.

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But GTA has become such a franchise in the open world that you have to get one thing guaranteed. You can play that game anyway and that is entertainment. Rockstar knows exactly what to give in GTA series. And this is what they continued in GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas. And if you look here, there was a difference of a few years in the release date of GTA San Andreas and Vice City.

But still, they developed the game a lot here. GTA Vice City is a classic game that people enjoy playing. Its open world is liked here. In it, people go and enjoy things in Miami City, which is Vice City. GTA San Andreas took a level up, increased the map here, brought new things that people wanted to see and no game had seen before.

And the special thing about the GTA series was that all the other open world games take inspiration from GTA. And this will be true with GTA VI. When GTA VI will come, all the other open world games that will not be released for 10 years after that will take inspiration from GTA VI or try to copy somewhere.

What makes GTA VI the largest game

What makes GTA VI the largest game

Because even after GTA V, there were some things like this. But there is a better thing with GTA that its story is very good. Gameplay is very good. Missions are very good. Even though it is an open world, it doesn’t feel like you are trapped somewhere. You can go anywhere for free and do all those things.

And you can guess its popularity only because after many years, its definitive edition was also launched. Where they took the same game, remastered it and put it back on the market. Because its popularity is very high. But when it came back, it’s not like you always get to see good games in GTA. The biggest failure of the GTA line-up is GTA IV.

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GTA IV was sold a lot, it was successful for Rockstar. But people didn’t like that game so much. A lot of people said that there are no new things in it. Some people said that it lags. Some people said that the open world environment is not that good. And Rockstar took the feedback and put GTA V here. Did you know that the first trailer of GTA V was released in 2011? And a game was released here in 2013.

The same story is happening with GTA VI. If you look at GTA VI here, Rockstar is releasing this game after 10 years. But in 2023, they have only released its trailer. And in 2025, you will be able to see this game. And if you listen to me, I don’t think they will give you a game in January-February at the start of 2025.

This is not going to happen. It will be released in mid-2025 and will go till 2025. And for this game, Rockstar is targeting only PS5, Xbox Series X and Series S. The simple reason to go to the console is that GTA V was also available on the console which was on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. And GTA was focused on the console so that more copies can be sold on it.

And definitely, if the company controls the limited release and releases it in limited places, then it can ensure quality. It’s not like Cyberpunk, which was such a hyped game, but what did it do as soon as it came out. It’s not like that. It’s a stable, good game. Plus, its sales are great. That’s why it’s being done.

Because when GTA V was released, it cost around $235 million. And so much money was invested in its development and marketing. In the beginning, so many copies of it were sold that it became a best-selling video game. It even became the entertainment entity that completed the mark of $1 billion first. And do you know the total earnings of GTA V till date? More than $6 billion.

It’s way ahead of any other entertainment entity, movies, etc. This is one thing that Rockstar knows. And they know that they have to make a game like this so that they can make more money than this. But they also have to give the experience that the game will last in the market for the next 10 years. Because they know that the legacy of GTA doesn’t end at once.

Once the game comes, a lot of things happen after that. Take the example of GTA V. GTA V was released in 2013. In 2014, it’s PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions were released. In 2015, it’s PC version was released. After that, modding came in the PC, a lot of things that people liked. And then in 2022, a new PS5 and Xbox Series X and S were released.

What makes GTA VI the largest game

Because of which GTA ruled the whole decade. And GTA VI also wants to rule the gaming industry. Because people still haven’t forgotten GTA V, people still play it. I have also played that game many times and completed it many times. I can tell you one thing about GTA V. It’s a little easier to complete GTA V.

If we talk about the difficulty, Senria is the most difficult. Then GTA Vice City comes after that. One of its missions is the most difficult. Helicopter mission, if you remember. And after that, GTA V is a little easier comparatively. Obviously, GTA V was made better. A big game was made. AI was integrated.

And a realistic world was put here. And one of the reasons for not bringing GTA VI on the PC is to save it from piracy. Because if the game is pirated in the beginning, then the company may not be able to make money. But for a few years, they will make money from the console. And later they will bring it on the PC, it will still work.

And you should also understand that a lot of people use GTA V for free. Epic Games had kept GTA V free in 2020. Because of which its popularity will increase a lot. And the benefit it had was for the GTA franchise. If you are thinking that you will buy GTA VI for free, then I don’t think this is going to happen for the next few years.

On top of that, a lot of people ask that when will we get to see GTA VI on mobile? I don’t think GTA VI will ever come on mobile phones. Look, you have to understand how the GTAs on mobile phones were. A Liberty City Stories came, a Vice City Stories came, a GTA Chinatown Wars came. These were released on iPhone and Android, then GTA III Vice City and San Andreas were released.

But this game could never be so successful. That’s why GTA IV was never released and GTA V is also not a good sign. Because people prefer the premium model over the upfront payment on mobile phones. And that thing is not profitable for Rockstar. And it is still a little difficult for them to pack so many things in a mobile phone.

Because the size of the game will be too much. But still I can tell you that you will be able to play GTA VI on mobile. Because you will be able to do this by using the cloud streaming or remote play features of the PlayStation or Xbox. Although if we are back on GTA VI, it will take time to come. But some things are very interesting with GTA VI.

First thing, you know that you will get to see Vice City. But I can tell you that you will not only get to see Vice City. Vice City will be a small part of a very big map. Because apart from this, as we saw in GTA V, GTA V had a lot of things to see. You could see Grove Street. But after that, the map was very different and there were a lot of things.

In GTA VI, the map of Vice City was extended a lot. And you can do a lot of things in it. And from a leak, it was found that there will be a Bermuda Triangle here. See what he does there. There will also be a NASA Space Center here. That also looks very interesting. There will be an amusement park. All these things will give it the experience of the next level.

That means in GTA VI, you will be able to experience all the things that are in the modern world. That means there will be new cars. A lot of vehicles have been shown. Cargo ships have been shown. And that’s not all in GTA. Here in GTA, there will also be your own social media app. Like TikTok. Because here you have been shown vertical videos in many places.

So social media is also going to play a very important role. It is also said that here you will get to see your own cryptocurrencies. Which will be in the GTA game. That is, you get to see in-game currency in dollars in GTA V. But it is going to be done here in the crypto world. Talking about it, the special thing about GTA VI will be that here you will see a female lead character for the first time.

What makes GTA VI the largest game

Her name is Lucia. And here will be Jason. These two people will control the whole game together. There were three main characters in GTA V. And the special thing about them was that the personalities of all three were different. But this time two characters have been taken. And I think that when you do its missions in the future, then maybe you will introduce a third character.

Or even play as a third character. So that will be an interesting thing. Talking about it, the graphics are looking very good at the initial level. I think it’s a Rockstar track recorder. It does very good graphics. And on the optimization of the game. But one thing I want to tell you is that graphics are not everything, graphics can help you sell the game in the beginning, it can help you attract people, but the thing that helps them the most is the actual game.

How is the game, storyline, mission, or whatever you are doing in the game, the freedom that the game is giving, that is why GTA is known here, because you can estimate the popularity of GTA V with this, people who have very low end pc, they lower the graphics setting and still play, because sometimes they mean to play the game instead of its graphics, and this thing makes the GTA game very special here.

Along with this, there will be an exciting thing that GTA’s stories, missions, and GTA Online, what new things do these people do in it, Rockstar knows what people like, and they want to deliver the same thing here, but it seems that the wait of many years has created its hype at a very high level, now see when it comes in 2025, how much does this game cost, and yes definitely I am also going to try this game in playstation 5, then we will see exactly how GTA V is here.


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