Latest News on Border 2 🔥 | Hera Pheri 3 Development 😳| KRK’s Angry Reaction 🤬| Animal Trailer Release | Tiger 3 Letdown.

Latest News on Border 2

Latest News on Border 2 🔥 | Hera Pheri 3 Development 😳| KRK’s Angry Reaction 🤬| Animal Trailer Release | Tiger 3 Letdown.

Friends, as you all know that the year 2023 has proved to be a year where Indian cinema got three such films which earned a net worth of Rs 500 crore plus at the domestic box office and these three films were the highest of their respective times. It was also called the best Hindi films. It was expected that Salman Khan starrer Tiger 3 has the potential that in future we will call it the fourth film of the year which will get the title of highest grosser Indian film, however now the situation is that leave Rs 500 crores.

400 crores is also a big thing for this film. The film is in its second week and till now this film has earned a net of 230 crores. Now it can reach max to max only 300 crores or 350 crores. This film is a success. The story has been made, yet this film will be called an underperformer of the spy universe. The story is weak.

Negative word of mouth and word cup have proved to be a big factor due to which a huge drop has been seen in the collection of the film. Let’s hope this weekend this film will perform well. Do it differently, Animal is coming from next week and after its release, the business scope of this film will be completely destroyed. This film is an eye opener for the spy universe that they will have to work on the quality writing of the films in time.

It will not take any time at all to lose the interest of wise fans and the most important thing that the makers of the film should understand is that having a universe does not at all mean that you keep making cameos of stars if you only make cameos in every film. So after a time, even the cameo of the stars will fail to increase the excitement among the audience.

Latest News on Border 2

Next let’s talk about Sam Bahadur. Friends, I remember very well that when I saw Vicky Kaushal for the first time in the film Masaan, I felt so much. I was told that the actor is amazing but to be honest I never thought that this actor will become such a big star in future and will sign like this.

First of all heads off to Vicky Kaushal because he plays the role of Sham Bahadur i.e. Sham Manik Shah. He is looking very awesome, his look, presentation, body language and dialogue delivery are amazing and this very thing is attracting me towards this film. This film is going to be released on 1st December and there will be a clash of this film with Ranbir Kapoor starrer Animal.

Although animals will definitely be the first priority of the people, but you see, this film will easily earn 150 to 200 crores only on the basis of its content. Let me tell you, the run time of this film has come out to be 2 hours 18 minutes and recently this The film has also been passed by the Army Board. Friends, like Gadar 2, this film has also got the green signal from the Indian Army and the most important thing is that the promotion of this film is being done exactly as it is. Gadar 2 was done anyway. Next let’s talk about Animal.

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Friends, after Tiger 3, Animal is the film on which everyone’s eyes are fixed. It is a very big release and it is believed that this film will be the next best film of Bollywood. This film, directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, can prove to be the most exciting point of Ranveer Kapoor’s look. The way Vanga Reddy is presenting Ranveer Kapoor, this is what is adding the novelty factor to this film.

Latest News on Border 2

Friends, there is violence in this film. How much dose will be received, we will know only when the time comes, but yes, the release date of the trailer of the film has been revealed. The trailer of this film will be released on 23rd November. Friends, please note that the length of the film is 3 hours plus, which may irritate some people.

But as a cine file, it is very interesting for me. Anyway, next let’s talk about Donkey. Friends, after giving films worth 2000 crores in the year 20123, Shahrukh Khan is ready for his next release and the biggest question is whether Shahrukh Khan Whether this film will be able to earn Rs 1000 crore at the box office or not and the biggest milestone standing in front of it is Salaar.

Friends, Shahrukh Khan’s first release of the year was released on the festival day and this film earned Rs 1000 plus. After this, Shahrukh Khan’s second release was released on non-festival and it also earned 1000 pounds. This time Shahrukh Khan’s movie is clashing and if despite this clash, Shahrukh Khan’s movie does the business of thousand rupees, then you can read this.

Let us assume that no one will be able to challenge Shahrukh Khan’s stardom for the coming decades, although earlier it seemed that one of the two films would definitely be postponed, but now it definitely happens. The makers of both the films are gearing up and both these films will be released on their scheduled time.

It was being told that the second teaser of Dunki was to be released in the final of the World Cup with the name of Drop Two, but That could not happen, now it is being told that in a day or two the second teaser of this film i.e. Drop Two will also come and I am personally very excited for this film. Next let’s talk about the success of Sunny Leone’s Gadar Two.

After this, the stars of Sunny Deol are at their peak and they are getting big projects back to back and even their fees have also become very high. Friends, let me tell you that these films include Baap Surya and Janmabhoomi which were already signed but Gadar to K. After the success of Lahore 1947, there are projects like Abbas Mastan’s untitled film and Ramayana, for which Sunny Deol’s name has been in the news, however, the most prestigious project among all these projects is Border to Yes friends, Sunny Deol is in the news for this film.

has been signed and the official announcement of this film will be made very soon. It is being told that the entire potential of this film is of Gadar level and the makers also know this and Sunny Deol himself knows this, due to this Sunny Deol Has charged a very hefty fee for this film and the makers have also given this fee because they know that without Sunny Deol this project would not make any sense.

Latest News on Border 2

Latest News on Border 2

Next let’s talk about the recently released web series The Railway Man. Starring KK Manon R Madhavan Babil Khan and Devendu Friends, this series has gone and this series remains on the mark all the time. This film does not deviate from the story at all nor is there any kind of propaganda here, that is why it is The series is included in one of the best series ever made in Indian cinema.

Next let’s talk about 12th Fail. Friends, we all felt that the box office run of this film will end with the release of Tiger 3 but oh well. Films always find their way, this film is still performing very well and till now this low budget film has earned Rs 44 crores at the box office, the way this film got the support of family audience and students.

There is full hope that this film will easily earn Rs 60 to 70 crores. Friends, this is a highly recommendable film. If you have any student then definitely show this film to him. Even show it to anyone. This film is very inspiring and very rad at times. This type of films are made. Next let’s talk about Akshay Kumar.

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Friends, Akshay Kumar has become like pulses and rice for the Indian audience, whom no one wants to buy and eat and due to this, even his good films got badly flopped at the box office. Mission Raniganj Rakshabandhan and Ram Setu were those films which had good potential that they could perform well at the box office but they also did not get the support of the audience.

Akshay Kumar needs a comeback and I feel that only through comedy films. He will be back in this, Welcome 3 and Hera Pheri 3 are in the lineup. Let me tell you, the shooting of Welcome 3 will start by the end of this year and most probably this film will be released in the middle of 2024. Talking about Hera Pheri 3, the shooting of this film will be in 20224.

It will start in the first quarter of 2017 and it is expected that this film can be released in the end of 2024 or beginning of 2025. Next let’s talk about the actor-director duo of Govinda and David Dhawan who had 16 superhit films together. Although their relationship turned sour and they were not on talking terms for a long time, now it is said that everything is fine between them.

Latest News on Border 2

Recently at Ramesh Taurani’s Diwali party. A photo went viral, after which it was speculated that everything is fine between these two, but now Govinda has also come forward and said that everything is fine now and most probably both of them will work together in future .

Can also be seen Lastly, I want to talk about a cricket, I will not use its name and photo anywhere but I know for sure that you will understand what I am talking about, I feel like I should apply wet shoe 101 on his face, that is, till then he used to talk about films, it was fine, but now he has started talking about cricketers also, I mean the Indian team which won 10 consecutive matches and was supporting them a lot when they lost one match.

When we went, they started abusing, see, anyone’s day can go bad at any time, that day was not ours and I fully support my Indian team whether they win or lose and the whole world knows that in this The strongest team of the tournament was our team and if I talk about this, I know his actions.

When a film is about to be released, before that he will do four-five tweets and all those tweets will be in negative after that. If he gets money from the film , then suddenly he will praise the film and will keep doing so and if by chance he does not get the money, then he will do a lot of evil and he often does the same with Salman Khan’s film because Salman Khan is However, it is very difficult for me to understand who are those people who follow it.

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