Thalapathy68 Unveiled😱| Salaar Trailer Launch 🤔| Leo Star in Hot Water 😡| Kanguva🔥| Kaithi.

Thalapathy68 Unveiled

Thalapathy68 Unveiled😱| Salaar Trailer Launch 🤔| Leo Star in Hot Water 😡| Kanguva🔥| Kaithi.

Friends, let’s start the video with Tamil Superstar. Friends with Thalapathy Vijay, Thalapathy Vijay is one of the most consistent superstars of Tamil cinema whose dedication towards his work is taking him up the stairs of stardom. Recently his movie Leo was released which earned Rs 615 crores at the Tamil box office and due to this Along with this, this film has proved to be the highest grosser film of Tamil industry of Year 23, soon after this, Thalapathy Vijay moved towards his next project, however, Vijay Starrer Leo film definitely became the highest grosser film of Vijay’s career by earning 600 Karan Plus.

But according to the trade pundits, this film underperformed because somewhere everyone felt that this film would do a minimum business of Rs 700 to 800 crores. Well, at the time when the film Leo was in its post production, Vijay was planning his next film . Friends, the initial title of this film is Thalapathy 68 and currently the shooting of the third schedule of this film is almost finished and the makers are going to release the first look of this film on New Year’s day.

Thalapathy68 Unveiled

Thalapathy68 Unveiled

The report is being told like this. It is said that this film can be released in the first quarter of 2024. This is the film of director Venkat Prabhu and in this film, along with Thalapathy Vijay, we will see Prabhu Deva and also lost star Prashant is going to make his comeback with this film.

Next let’s talk about director Lokesh Kanagaraj and thalaiva Rajinikanth’s next project Friends, after the success of Thalaiva 171’s Leo, director Lokesh Kanak Raj has moved ahead towards his next project and this time he has already made it clear that his next film will be LCU will not have any kind of connection with the universe. Actually, fans come up with different fan theories from their own mind and when they do not get all those things in the film, then it has a bad impact on the film, due to this, this time director Lokesh Kanagaraj has already

made it clear that his film will not be connected to the LCU universe. Friends, this will be the first time that director Lokesh Karan Raj will get a chance to work with his idol Rajinikanth Sahab. Let me tell you that recently Lokesh Kanagaraj had worked with Rajinikanth . Narrated the story of his film to Saheb and at that time many prominent personalities of Tamil cinema were also there.

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Rajini sir was very impressed with his story and he decided to direct at least 100 compliant films. It is noteworthy that at this time Rajinikanth Saheb was completing his 170th birthday. The film is busy, which is being directed by TJ Ganved, after this the film will go on the floors.

If reports are to be believed, work on the final draft of this film will start this week and the film will go on the floors in April 2024 and most probably in the beginning of 2025. This film can be released next. Let’s talk about Karthi, friends. Karthi is an actor who has given landmark success to big directors with his films, be it Theeran fame director H Vino or Kaiti fame director Lokesh Sangraj.

Thalapathy68 Unveiled

The films are of the direct director only but the point is that the hero of these films was Karth but after such a huge success, the second collaboration of this director with Karth could not happen, although Kathy 2 has been in the news for a long time and fans are waiting for this film. We all are very excited, we all want to know what was the back story of Delhi but this film is continuously slipping, now director Lokesh Khan Raj has announced his next project with Rajnikanth sahab instead of Kathy 2, although recently. A big news has come out that director H Vinod

has decided to make a sequel to his blockbuster film Theeran 2. Recently, he had narrated the one liner of this film to Karthi and Karthi liked the basic idea of this film very much. But since H Vinod is currently busy in a project with Kamal Haasan, he will still focus on that film and after that film, Theeran 2 will go on the floors, which means you may get to see Theeran 2 before Kaith 2. Now the question.

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This is that Theeran was based on Operation Bavaria which was a true incident. Now it will be very interesting to see how the makers will take the sequel of this film forward. Friends, next let’s talk about a major controversy of Tamil cinema. Friends, you have seen Mansoor. You must have seen Ali Khan in the movie Leo, recently during an interview He said some such lewd things that after which everyone from Tamil cinema to Tamil media and even Tamil personalities came forward and started criticizing him, including director Lokesh Kan Raj, director Karthik Subbaraj, actress Malavika Mohanan and

Trisha Krishnan herself, about whom they commented. What did he comment, so I have put a screenshot of it on the screen, the basic conclusion of which, if I tell you, was that he said in Tamil language that when he was offered the film Leo, he felt that in this film he would be playing the role of Trisha Krishnan.

Thalapathy68 Unveiled

There will be some bed scenes and there will be rape scenes. When he said this in the media, this news was highlighted a lot in the media and even Trisha Krishnan objected to this. She expressed gratitude that she did not have even a single screen space with him in the film Leo. And he has given a firm assurance of not working with him in future, however after this a statement has also come from Mansoor Ali Khan in which it has been said that the media has distorted his statement. Next let’s talk about Salar, friends. Salaar vs Donkey has become the hit topic of this time.

Prabhas’s fans are saying that Donkey will be postponed and Shahrukh Khan’s fans are saying that Salaar will be postponed but the reality is that the makers of either of the two films are not going to postpone their film. Talking about Salaar, friends, advance booking of the pre-release screens of this film in UK and USA has started and if reports are to be believed, the trailer of this film is to be released very soon. Let me tell you this.

The trailer of the film will be released on December 1, which you will get to see inside the theaters along with the animal film. Next let’s talk about Allu Arjun’s father Allu Arvind’s friends. Recently, Allu Arvind reached the screening of a film and there he talked about star fee culture. Raised the question. He said that after a film becomes a hit, stars increase their fees.

As an example, he took the name of Yes and said that no one knew Yash before KGF, but after KGF became a hit. He suddenly increased his fees, although Allu Aravind is a famous producer and he had raised these questions from the producer’s point of view. After this, the fans of Yes got angry and they started criticizing Allu Aravind as well as Allu Aravind.

Done Next, let’s talk about Dhruva Nakshatra, friends, this film is sitting as Rahu in the career of Chin Vikram. As soon as Chin Vikram’s career revives even a little, this film comes with its release date. It is noteworthy that the release of this film The date has been postponed dozens of times but now finally this film is going to be released after 5 days.

Director Gautam Manon is releasing this film and Siyan Vikram not being seen in any interview or promotion regarding this film is a kind of indication. That they are not very happy about the release of this film. Now if this film is released and does not do well at the box office, then An Chi Yan will act as a black spot in Vikram’s career.

Next let’s talk about Mammootty sir, friends. Mammootty sir has overshadowed Mohanlal sir’s films in Hindi well over the period. Every film of Mammootty sir is driven up to the mark by content and in his films we definitely get to see something different, that is why Hindi His films in the belt are becoming very popular.

Recently his movie was released named Kannur Skud. This film was a blockbuster in Malayalam language which is today considered as the sixth highest grosser film of Malayalam industry. Recently Now this film has been dubbed in Hindi and released on Disney Plus Hotstar and after its release, this film is gaining a massive fan following.

Friends, let me tell you that with the release of this film, a question has started to arise . And that is whether Mammootty’s Kannur Scott is the best or Karthik’s Thiran, let me tell you that there are a lot of similarities between these two films, due to which this film has become a topic of much discussion.

If you have not seen this film yet then definitely . Do watch this film once. Next let’s talk about Katara 2. Friends, Katara was a film which had mastery in every department, that is why over the period this film proved to be such a big blockbuster on Pan India. Now the sequel of this film is coming. Which will be the prequel of this story.

The story of this film will be based on 300 to 400 AD. Let me tell you that this film can start by the end of 2025. Finally, the scripting of this film has been completed and the puja ceremony of this film will be held on 27th. And the shooting of this film will start from December. Next let’s talk about Surya 42 i.e. Kangava.

Recently, some popular personalities of Tamil cinema saw some glimpses of this film and after this it was said from their side that this film will take you to a different world, just like Avatar will take you to a different world . In the same way we got to see the world, the makers of Same Kangwa will take you to a new world through this film.

Let me tell you, Surya will be seen in six different roles in this film and all these roles will be of his Anset Bobby Dale is here. Will be seen as a villain and this film is to be released in 10 languages. Friends, let me tell you that after the release of Leo, this is the most prestigious project of Tamil cinema and everyone’s eyes are fixed on it. Lastly, I want to talk.

Rakshit Shetty’s First of all, heads off to Rakshit Shetty, friends, this guy is something different, I mean, the kind of projects he picks, everyone knows that the commercial success of that film cannot be that big, but despite this, the kind of projects he takes .

He comes and touches the heart, I mean, you must have seen that recently this guy Charlie from Triple had made the whole of India cry. Now he has another film which is making a home in the hearts of the audience, although this film is a little underrated. It is rated and people do not know much about this film but you see what kind of films the guy chooses. I mean, I am becoming a fan of this guy.

Friends, the name of this film is Sapta Sagar, The Cho Ilo and I Guess. I have not pronounced the name of this film correctly. This film has been released in two parts, one is Side A and the other is Side B. Side A has been released first and now Side B has been released. Friends, here we are.

I will not talk about commercial success and critical success, this film is even higher than that, this film goes straight to your heart and it will take you a month to get out of the feeling of this film. I am waiting for this film to come in Hindi and heads . Off to Rakshit Seti, who works in this kind of content, Rakshit Seti is a gem of Truly Hard Industry and Age Well Age Indian Cinema.

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