Salaar Official Worldwide Box Office Collection | Salaar Day 6 Box Office Collection | Prabhas

Salaar Official Worldwide Box Office Collection | Salaar Day 6 Box Office Collection | Prabhas

Welcome back friends, how are you all, I hope you all are well, guys, the official world wide box office collection of Day Six of Salaar i.e. tomorrow Wednesday has arrived and anyway brother, the box office collection is yours. You can see on the background and that is 500 crores, the official poster has come from the makers, for which we were waiting for the last two-three days, what will happen, we were in doubt about the box office collection, that after Bhai Maker 402, Have almost disappeared, now finally the makers put up the poster and told that within the first six days

The world wide gross collection of Bhai Saheb Salar is 500 crores. Now guys, look here, I know that I am going to be asked a lot of questions, I don’t care that brother, this has happened, that has happened, so I told you earlier also. I have told you the numbers of the makers, 500 crores, now I will tell you the numbers of the trade, how much they are and at the end, whatever you want, you believe it, it does not matter, so now we will move directly towards the box office collection.

Salaar Official Worldwide Box Office Collection

So that you can keep getting such updated BlogPosts, then the following scenario is that yesterday on Wednesday the official collection from Telugu language was 5.75 crores, from Malayalam it was 50 lakhs, from Tamil it was 1.1 crores, from Canada it was ₹ lakhs and from Hindi Bale it was 7.5 crores. Am shocking because according to what I was tracking, it should have been 9-10 crores and not only that, the total collection of yesterday Day Six Wednesday is officially 15 crores whereas it was expected to be 1715 crores, what happened at the back end, what happened yesterday? There were 6 am to 7 am shows, have their box office collections been added or not? I think those shows

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Even if the box office collection has not been added by the makers, it is still so down, otherwise the total box office collection of Rs 171 crores should be the initial estimate of Rs. 15 crores, this is impossible, my brother, this is not the case, yes, so what is the whole scene now? After this, I will tell you more, so brother, first of all let us see the state wise collection, after that all the things, first brother, within six days, the film Karnataka will be released from Karnataka 33.7 Official collection of Rs. 1 crore has been done, Rs. 187 crore has been collected from Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Rs. 177.8 crore has been collected from Tamil Nadu, Rs. 13.25 crore has been collected from Kerala, Rs. 95.9 crore has been collected from Rest of India and total is 348. Yes, state wise collection of 348 crores, if I tell you this region wise, then region wise brother, within Telugu language, in the first six days till tomorrow Wednesday, official collection of 182 crores, official collection of 9 crores from Malayalam, official collection of 14 crores from Tamil, Canada. to 4.

Salaar Official Worldwide Box Office Collection

Official collection of 45 crores and from Hindi belt 84 80 means official net collection of 85 crores and if I total it then Bhai Saheb it becomes almost 2995 crores so Bhai Salaar will make a net collection of 295 crores within its first six days. This gross has already become ₹ 48 crore from overseas, 95 and total becomes 443. The interesting thing here is that this is the overseas collection of ₹ 95 crore, this is till the day after tomorrow, the overseas collection of day six has not been added. I don’t know how much I earned, why eight was not added, but brother, our early estimator was of D, so if in 95, I would have got 7.

If I add crores then it becomes 102 crores, then if I go by the calculation of 102 crores then brother, according to the trade, within the first six days of Salaar, the total official world wide gross collection has become 50 crores and brother. I see the numbers of the makers are Rs 500 crores. Now here is an interesting thing. An interesting thing is that after three days of collection, the poster of the makers came out to be Rs 402 crores. Now after three days, the poster of the first six days came out to be Rs 500 crores. This film has earned approximately Rs. 402 crores in the first three days from the makers and approximately Rs. 402 crores in the next three days.

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98 crores, so somewhere in the next three days, I had not expected this much from the makers. I was thinking that somewhere or the other the makers’ poster would cross Rs. 600-700 crores, but brother, after Rs. 500 crores, now the trade and makers’ numbers will cross. The difference that is coming in is around 50 crores. Now see, it is more overall but if seen from one side, it is not much. 50 crores is very much but still there are no overseas collections in the number of trades. A ad and rest of the makers till now only put that 500 crore world wide gross, one is the makers

I also get angry, I remember well that let me catch Jawaan or KGF Chapter 2 or any other animal movie, when the posters of Bhai Saheb official box office collection come. Neither brother, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, collections of all the five languages are written, Overseas is also written, Even in Overseas, USA, Canada, North America, Gulf, collections of all those also are written, it becomes easy here brother, Salar Ke Makers Poster. Putting 500 crores but brother below only 500 crores world wide

If you are not writing anything else, then I can only request the maker that Rs. 500 crores, we believe in you, but brother, please tell us the list, how much is in Hindi, how much is in Tamil, how much is in Telugu, how much is in Overseas. So that you have some idea, my brother, so let’s see what the makers do next, but I would definitely like to talk about Hindi here, brother, in Hindi, how much net collection was done in the first six days, 85 crores, even today, we assume it to be an early estimator. That is, even today if it becomes 7 crores then 85 + 7 will become 92 crores.

Salaar Official Worldwide Box Office Collection

Today Bhai Saheb 92, tomorrow is also Friday, which means tomorrow also Bhai Saheb, 7 crore will come because Friday night shows are good, so it means that if I say that tomorrow on Friday, Salar Bhai Saheb will make a Hindi net of Rs 100 crore, then it is wrong. No Aaga, after that brother, it is Saturday and Sunday, so if there is a net collection of Rs 1010 crore in both of them, then by Sunday the Hindi net will be Rs 120 crore, which is absolutely possible, at least I told you, yes even if it is Rs 120 crore. So brother, this is the perfect collection because look, I am because of that, there are a lot of twitter4j but this is the rest.

She is earning from languages also, so now let’s see what happens further, what happens with Salaar, at present big games are being played regarding Salaar, negativity, this has happened, that has happened, but Bhai Saheb, Rs. 500 crores within the first six days. In my view, it is a very good collection and on the other hand, if you do not want to believe the makers, you can believe the trade also, brother, the collection of Rs 450 crore in the first six days and note that this is part one, not part two. This will make a lot of people homeless. Now Prithviraj Sukumaran’s interview came and he said that brother, part one was something.

Not only this, so let’s see what happens till now, so much guys, hope you liked the BlogPost, if you liked then like the BlogPost, subscribe the channel and take care till the next BlogPost. Thanks for watching ma’am, how was it, awesome. Awesome, tell me, waiting for the second part, say something for Prabhas, Prabhas is my favorite and action story or super everything is super everything is awesome, is there any such thought that is still going on in the mind or saala saaree hee saaree hee hain yes ma’am I am getting excited. Is there a next part? Yes ma’am, yes motion for the next part.

Movie is good or paisa wasool ho gaya paisa wasool ya paisa wasool thank you so much ji thanks have come after watching you tell me what was special what kind of wonderful movie enjoyed very good story line .

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