Kia Sonet facelift VS old Kia Sonet | What’s New in Sonet Facelift? Kia Sonet 2023 2024 launched

Kia Sonet

Kia Sonet facelift VS old Kia Sonet | What’s New in Sonet Facelift? Kia Sonet 2023 2024 launched

Kia has today launched the Kia Sonet facelift in which changes have been made in the exterior, interior, safety and many other things. So let us compare the new Kia Sonet facelift with the old Kia Sonet and see what are the new things in the new Sonet. And what changes have been made, first of all let’s talk about the dimensions. The length of the new Sonet is 3995 mm, where the length of the old Sonet was also 3995 mm. The width of the new Sonet is 1790 mm, where the width of the old Sonet was also 1790 mm. In Sonet you get the height of 1642 mm whereas in the old Sonet the height is also the same 1642 mm and in both the new and old Sonet you get the same height of 2500 mm.

And in both new and old Kia Sonet, you get the same ground clearance of 205 mm, but in the old Kia Sonet, there was a boot space of 392 liters, which has now been reduced to 300 185 liters in the new Sonet. There are also a lot of changes in the board space. This is minor which is mostly due to the new design of the rear bumper but in real life you will not notice any major difference in space and apart from that you will get the same wheel base height and length, which means you will get the same space in Kevin now. Talking about the exterior, exterior wise overall new Kia Sonet.

Kia Sonet

Kia Sonet

The shape is same as the old Kia Sonet but all the changes have been made in Kia Sonet like earlier small LED DRL was available in Kia Sonet, now it has been changed to big L shape and the overall LED head lamps unit will also be different now. And the grille in the new Kia Sonet has also been changed. And similarly, the design of the front bumper, rear bumper and alloy wheels is also different. The new Kia Sonet now has a similar connected LED tail light to the new Celt, which was earlier a simple small one. Tail lights were available in Kia and now front parking sensors are also available which were earlier available only in the rear and now Kia

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Disc brakes are available on all four wheels in Sonet, which was earlier available only on the front wheels. Apart from this, you will get features like electric rear wiper, rear defogar and suck fin antenna like before, the new Kia Sonet will also get new olive color. Which we also saw in the recently launched Kia Cetus facelift, so overall exterior wise what is new is that it looks different in almost every way but yes, you will like this new design or not, it totally depends on your personal choice, personally, I like the new design front. The butt is looking good compared to the old one.

From the rear, I liked the old design better, but yes, it totally depends on your personal choice. Now let’s talk about the interior, interior wise, not much changes have been made in comparison to the exterior, which means overall deep design wise, new and old. You won’t notice much of the change at a glance. You used to get a basic digital cluster in the Kia Ceed, which has now been updated to a colorful new cluster. Similar 10 in both the old and new Ceed.

Kia Sonet

2 inch infotainment touch screen is available but in new set you get updated new UA screen in which you did not get option which is now available in new kia Sonet and now LED AA sound mode lights are also available in kia8. Which is a segment first feature, apart from this you will get the same features as before like Ventilator Seats Wireless Charger 360 Camera Air Purifier Auto Dimming IRBM Leatherette Seats Rear Arm Rest with Cup Holder Drying Modes and Steering Water Control So overall look wise old and new what is stable The interior looks similar

But features wise, now the SUV has become loaded with even more features. Now let’s talk about the most important point, safety. Now six airbags will be available as standard in Kia Sonet, that is, even in the beige variant you will get six airbags, which earlier was only four in the old SUV. Apart from this, level and AIDS are also available in Sonet in which 10 autonomous safety features are available like Lane Keep System, Lane Departure Warning or Emergency Braking Ats. Apart from this, like before, you get safety features like AS D TPMS and ISO 9001 seat anchor. Common Milenge So overall safety wise also new

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The Sonet has improved a lot. Now let’s talk about the engines. Like before, you still get the same three engine options in the new Sonet, that is, you get 1.2 liter naturally aspirated petrol engine, 1 liter turbo petrol engine and 1.5 liter diesel engine. There are three engine options available in which 1.2 liter engine produces 82 bhp of power and 150 bhp of torque, 1 liter turbo petrol engine produces 180 bhp of power and 172 bhp of torque and 1.

Kia Sonet

The 5 l diesel engine produces 114 bhp power and 250 bhp talk, in which with 1.2 liter naturally aspirated petrol engine you get only manual transmission option, whereas with 1 liter turbo petrol you get six speed clutch less IMT. Transmission and option of seven speed DCTT mission will be available depending on the variant, where in diesel you will get six speed manual, six speed IMT and six speed automatic transmission. Depending on the variant, this means that now in diesel variant also you will get manual transmission which was not available in the old SUV. but yes power vice

There are no changes in the old and new Kia Sonet. Now let’s talk about the management. There are no changes in the old and new Kia Sonet. Because engine wise, there is no change in the Kia Sonet, so with the 1.2 l engine in manual transmission, you will get 17.2 There will be a claimed mileage of 1 liter per km, where the 1 liter turbo petrol engine will give a mileage of Rs. 18.

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Claim mileage of 1 liter per km will be available in 1 liter turbo petrol and claim mileage of 18.3 km in DCD in 1.5 l diesel and 24.1 km in diesel and automatic transmission in 1.5 l diesel. If you get touch speed at 19 km then these were all the details newly revealed about kia8 facelift Yes, the price of new kia sonet has not been revealed yet which will be in January 2024 Our sources on End Edge Price of new kia sonet in comparison with old sat It will be increased from 40 to 60000 which was expected and our opinion on edge is that after so many changes and updates this

प्Price increase is worth and now edge n6, what is your opinion about the newly launched Kia Sonet facelift? How did you like the new Sonet? Do tell us your opinion in the comment section,

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