Salaar Day 2 Final Predcition | Salaar Day 2 Worldwide Prediction | Salaar Vs Dunki Collection

Salaar Official Worldwide Box Office Collection

Salaar Day 2 Final Predcition | Salaar Day 2 Worldwide Prediction | Salaar Vs Dunki Collection

Oh brother, what happened with Salaar, friends, what happened with Salaar on day two, that is, friends, on its Saturday, like guys, you all must be aware that what a huge tsunami earning was made by Salaar on the first day and guys, this movie has been made. Of all the Guy’s movies that have come till now, it is the third highest opening movie of all time. So Guy, here I think you guys can tell Prabhas that he is a very dangerous opener, we should name him Kardena because Guy, this guy is the opening guy. He takes it very well and I feel that the World Cup should also be played because the opening star is Prabhas.

Meaning, I don’t think that Virat Kohli would have hit as many wickets continuously as this guy has, so somewhere you people can say that this movie is Prabhas’s guy, it earned a very disastrous low on the first day. But see brother, this is the issue in South that on the first day there is a lot of earning and on the second day friends the collection falls down, whether it is Sunday or Saturday it does not matter, friends see on the first day there are a lot of shows which means 3-3 in the morning. There are shows at 2:30 am 1212 am so guys, now on the second day guys those benefit shows have been removed.

If so, the collection will definitely fall, but here we will keep an eye on what kind of earnings it is making in Hindi. We will see what kind of collection it is making in Hindi. It can also be seen because the collection will be more from the first day. Because Guy Yahan Pe, you people can say that the budget of this movie is approximately friends, if we see it is said to be 400 crores, as per the box office reviews, then Guy Yahan Pe will get the support of Hindi. This budget will be passed in a jiffy, even you people can say that in just three days.

Salaar Day 2 Final Predcition

So that you keep getting more BlogPosts like this, let’s start this BlogPost. Let’s start friends. Here we will talk about how the second day i.e. Saturday is going to be. Before that, friends, here we will talk about tomorrow i.e. first. Let’s check the net collection of the day because look brother when I

I had shown you that world wide poster in which the makers, you can almost say that two friends had talked about around Rs 178.2 crores. Friends, reports had come from the makers that this movie has made some collection. Guys here, we can also check it on the net because I had told you in that BlogPost only as an early estimate, what collections this movie made in which languages, so guys, if we check it here. Friends, what is the earning of this movie? As a net collection, guys.

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Not 95 crores but you people can say that it has done something important above 90 crores i.e. 90 crores 70 lakhs friends, the official number of this movie has come in front of us, the earning of Telugu is 66.7 crores, brother, this number friends is not a common number. This is a very tremendous number, friends, if we talk about the Malayalam version from where Prithviraj Sukumaran comes, you would know that it has earned ₹ 55 crores from there. Official friends, I am telling you 3 from Tamil.

Friends, there is some earning of 75 crores, it collected 90 lakhs from Canada, the Hindi official, we came to know a long time ago, about 15 crores 75 lakhs, 15.75 crores, in this way, this movie collected 90 crores 70 lakhs net, friends, if we People will find out the gross of this movie, how much has this movie made of 90 crores, then as per the reports, you people can say 107 crores, friends, it has made it from India gross, that is, it has earned 107 crores only from within India, although look. Brother, we were feeling that if Rs 100 crore net would be achieved then it would have become a record, that is, here you people can say ‘Guys’.

After KGF Triple R and Baahubali Part 2, there comes a fourth movie which made a net of Rs 100 crores. If such a thing happens, then you people can say that it could not be done, no problem, but here friends, it has made a net of Rs 107 crores in India gross. Friends, if we find the numbers of the overs, then look here, Box Office India is saying Rs 54 crores, India’s gross is Rs 107 crores i.e. Rs 161 crores, friends, here is the figure from Box Office India. That means the trader has given this figure but here we have given the figure of the producer.

Friends, if we talk about Rs. 178 crores and something lakhs, friends, something has come from the producer’s side, so that is fair enough. Friends, in South, the collection keeps going up and down a bit, but guys, right now we talk here that Sir’s Friends, what is the position of this collection as a net collection? I have already told you that if it had earned Rs. 100 crores, it would have become the fourth Indian movie to have earned Rs. 100 crores as a net. It is at number one in Triple R. India India had netted Rs 133 crores, Baahubali Part II had netted Rs 121 crores, KGF had netted Rs 121 crores.

Which had achieved a net figure of 116 crores last year, in which friends, one thing is common in all these three movies, there was a Hindi ruckus, Hindi and Hindi versions had made very good collections, Salaar 90 crores, Guy ₹ lakhs, Saaho 89 crores, Adi Purush 8 6.75 Crore Then Guys Goes Seventh Mein Jaake Kahin Hindi Movie Aata Hai Jawan 75 Crore And Guys Then Leo 64 Crore Animal 63.2 Crore Robert 2.0 6.

25 crores, this guy has done some calculations for this, you people can say that this movie here has earned something like 90 crores, 90 crores 70 lakhs, however, guy, the numbers given by the makers here are producer figures. And if we are talking about trade figures, then here this guy has done some calculations, you guys can say that this kind of numbers have come, friends, what will happen on the second day, what will be the momentum here on the second day, friends? The collection made in the first day will remain the same, the matter will fall, see brother, I have already told you that the collection is very high.

Salaar Day 2 Final Predcition

It will fall but it will fall more than the Telugu version because there were a lot of benefit shows there but guys if we talk about how the occupancy was then guys here the occupancy of Telugu morning is 64, afternoon is around 78, evening is around 76, okay there is no problem. Hyderabad friends, the occupancy is up to about 95 shows. 817 shows, Bengaluru is at the occupancy of 57 shows. 675 shows. Chennai 55 Vijayawada 88 Varanga 98 Gant 8 37 Vijay Visakhapatnam, the occupancy is up to 86 shows. Friends, that is, it is fine. The calculation given in Telugu is fine. let’s talk about mallem

So guys Morning 33 Afternoon 39 Evening 39 guys if we talk about Tamil here then Morning 23 Afternoon 30 Evening 30 guys if we talk about the Canadian version, how was the occupancy Morning 41 Afternoon 68 Look brother, what kind of growth seems to be happening and Evening 70, although the shows are not special, only the Canadian version has 8085 shows in Bengaluru. Friends, right now the morning comes in the Hindi version, about 20, but you guys understand that the occupancy came in the afternoon. Friends, this occupancy has jumped quite well, that is, about 30.3. 5 But the guys had an evening here

After looking at the occupancy, I felt that there should have been a little more growth because guys here the evening occupancy remained at around 34.8 i.e. guys here we saw a growth of only 5 i.e. at 5 which guys can say is one. That one here which we wanted very huge growth is not showing so Guy here however friends if we compare with yesterday then this occupancy is quite good because Guy if we talk about yesterday’s occupancy then guys Hindi occupancy jumped very fast last night too Yesterday’s Guy Evening

The occupancy was 30 whereas today it is at 34 or 354. Last night the occupancy was 50 so guys if today also it happens like yesterday then I feel that friends the collection here will increase whereas. Advance booking was not much in Hindi, so friends, let’s come to the point that in what way it is going to be accounted for. Hindi people once see city wise in the Hindi version to see which city is getting more response in Hindi. Mumbai 34’s occupancy is 52200, Delhi 41’s evening occupancy is 718.

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Shows Pune 42 Occupancy Bengaluru 62 Hyderabad 77 Occupancy Kolkata 42 Ahmedabad 22 Chennai 54 That means guys the occupancy here is ok if at night it is 3435 in the evening if this guy is 50 55 then what I am saying is Yes guys, what I am saying will happen. I feel that friends, this movie will make around Rs 32 crores from the Telugu version. Yes guys, if we talk about Hindi, then yesterday it had earned Rs 15 crores 75 lakhs. So from yesterday the occupancy is a bit good so guys here I am feeling Rs 17 crores yes it will increase a little bit guys

The collection will not be much, 17 crores i.e. 49 crores friends, if we, friends, combine the collections of all these, Mal Alam, Kannada and Tamil, tell you how much it can be, then guys, here around me, you people can say that 7 8 Crore is looking something i.e. 56-57 crore friends, its net may be 60 crore also but it is not known whether it is possible or not but as of now guys I will lock it at 57 crore. Friends, if we find out the gross then it will be 65 crore. 66 crore friends will definitely be made from this, so 66 crore people, you people accept that its India gross is India.

Salaar Day 2 Final Predcition

Gross collection friends, what can be seen coming from over sus, look brother, I told you this earlier too, Leo too, friends, look how good the movie was, on the second day friends, it fell in over sus, 65 crores on the first day and 65 crores on the second day, friends, around you can say. It may be 3035 crores, then here friends, if we believe as per the makers, that they have done something out of 60 crores of rupees in this, then guys can say the next day that the matter, if we believe at least friends, then 35 crores. Let’s assume crore means 100 crore is happening. Yes guys, that is what I said in the morning.

Similar guys, something will be seen happening here, however, look brother, even after this we will have an episode in which we, friends, will tell you all the guys from around the world after looking at the accounts and tell you in what way it can be achieved, right now I have made a guess like this. I am giving you an estimate that 35 crores can be earned from O Versus. Friends, if it remains above 30 crores, then you guys understand that it is a very good thing, it is a very good thing, then here friends, if we are the makers of 101 crores. If we add 178 crores then it becomes approximately 280 crores friends, that means a poster worth 280 crores should come tomorrow.

A producer figure. Now see what figure the trade guys give because in the South’s collection there is always a slight difference in the number of guys makers and trades. Do you have anything to say about this? See you in the next BlogPost. That’s all for now.

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