What Makes India a Leader in Electric 2 Wheeler Industry?

What Makes India a Leader in Electric 2 Wheeler Industry?

What Makes India a Leader in Electric 2 Wheeler Industry?

This is not a secret that when mobile phones came to India in the beginning, they were all made in But in today’s time, the manufacturing of smartphones has started in India and India is slowly forward in making smartphones. But for some other industry, this cycle has been repeated here. And in today’s time, there is a similar revolution in electric two-wheelers as in smartphones.

But in the story, it is not China that is leading this time, it is India that is leading this time. But you will not know so much information about this. Because the reputation of the electric two-wheelers in India is not so good. And the answer to that is also China. Because in the beginning, the electric two-wheelers that came to India were mostly Chinese.

What Makes India a Leader in Electric

And they were very low quality products, they did not get speed above 40 km. And there was no requirement of a license to run it, nor did it have a number plate. They were just used and throw products. Because the Chinese company that was making goods in China, was doing a lot of video. And in India, they were just dumping it in the hub.

Because China has never focused so much on electric two-wheelers. And even today, Chinese companies focus on four-wheelers. Like BYD is a very big company in China. And if we talk about Xiaomi, they are also bringing their electric car. But let me tell you one thing, the entry of these Chinese companies will not happen in India.

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But now the story is changing. In the last two years, two such companies have shown a lot of growth here. That is Ola and Ather. Because there is no traditional pair here. They have no background in the automobile industry. But despite this, they made such products that became popular in the market. And in the market, they also took their separate name and big market share.

And you know, after the arrival of these two companies, the biggest impact was on the old And that also worked on its electric two-wheelers. Like TVS, iQube. Along with this, Bajaj also launched its Chetak. But Chetak was found in very few places. But when these companies expanded, Chetak also increased its EV experience.

What Makes India a Leader in Electric

What Makes India a Leader in Electric

There was no electric vehicle from Hero Moto Corp. But they also had to make Hero Vida here. And all these things don’t end here. Looking at India’s electric two-wheeler market, other foreign companies are also taking inspiration Including Honda is working on its Activa. Suzuki is here. But what did Ola Ather do? Here, basically, the companies are now working on R&D.

Because what used to happen till now, most of the work used to be on assembling in India. They brought the most of the goods from outside. They started selling it by assembling it in India. Here, I also met Mr. Bhavish Agarwal, the CEO of Ola Electric. And also met Mr. Tarun Mehta, the CEO of Ather. And he also had to say this.

The first wave of electric vehicles in India was very disappointing. Pre-Ather, I can’t think of a single electric scooter that After us, there are lots of other good companies that have come. Who have invested and made the product properly. So I think now there are enough products that are working properly.

And let me tell you one thing. Ather is such a company whose R&D has more than 1000 employees. And here, not only the vehicle designing is not being done. Patents are also being worked on here. How to bring new innovation in it. And similarly, similar is the story of Ola company. People who are working on R&D and designing their new vehicles.

Plus, they have also done a lot of good work on manufacturing. Like the future factory of Ola is one of the largest two-wheeler factories in the world. And which is in 24×7 operation. In which they continuously produce vehicles. And also do the development and testing of new vehicles. So at this level, work is being done here.

In India, the vehicle should be designed and manufactured. Plus, we should also be sold from here. The revolution of electric two-wheeler in India. Here is the smart electric scooter. Because after this, the features that you had in smart cars and smart phones. Now you are getting to see in electric two-wheeler.

I mean, take the example of a company like Ather. Ather was the first company in the world to have a touchscreen dashboard. Ather was the first company in the world to put an Android-compatible operating system in a Ather was the first company in the world to put Google Maps in its scooter. I mean, you can think for yourself.

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If Google Maps is coming in any two-wheeler. Then what will come in your mind? Some American company, some European company, some foreign company must have made something. You will never think that the Indian company is putting this thing in its product. And these things are happening here that have never happened anywhere else before.

Even if I talk about Ola, they also changed their product completely in one and a half years. That is, first Generation 1 used to come. Now they have discontinued Generation 1 and brought their second generation. That is, they have also done a lot of work here in one and a half years. And they have restructured and redesigned their entire product line-up again.

These companies also provide updates in today’s time. Due to which more and more features come in the car. And now they are implementing those features here that you usually get to see in cars. And the good thing here is that the story has just begun. Because now only they have to move forward from here.

As we talk about, Ather company is already selling its electric scooter outside India in Nepal. And their plan is that they will expand internationally and sell elsewhere. The same thing was also confirmed by Ola. Even TVS has made its TVS X. They will also sell it outside India. Because now it has happened that the products of this type that are being made in India.

Such products did not exist before this. And now their first generation has been seen here. And if you feel that they have only worked in R&D manufacturing. Now they are also working with Cell. A company like Ola is making India’s first Gigafactory. In which Cell will be made in India. That is, what is left now is that we make EV in India.

But you have to buy batteries from outside. Its requirements will also end in the future. 2024 will be such a year where you will also get to see the electric bike of other companies. That is, Ola is bringing an electric bike. But I also confirmed with Ather that they are also working on their electric bike.

And I have heard that Bajaj can also make an electric model of its Pulsar. KTM’s electric bike can also be possible here. Along with this, Royal Enfield is also making his electric bike. And for that, they have hired ex-Ola engineers and ex-Ather engineers. That is, there was a revolution up to scooters.

But now this revolution is also going to go to electric bikes in the coming time. These companies still need to do more work here. Because people still complain that sometimes there is a software glitch, sometimes there is an This type of thing is going on here. So it will take another 1-2 years to be nearly perfect.

The speed at which electric scooters have expanded in India is very high. Because where there were big cities like Bangalore, Pune, they were limited there. Now you get Pan India. You can take them anywhere. And there is one thing with electric vehicles. This car is very different from a petrol car. If you drive a petrol car and then drive an electric car, the experience will be very different.

You may not even get the range. Because the way to drive an electric car is a little different. It doesn’t run like a petrol car at all. And if you drive an electric car properly, you will get performance, range, everything here. So that is also one of the things that people are still learning here. Along with this, people are still in doubt about how much battery will run here.

Because the company claims a 5-year warranty. But basically they forget that the battery will not go bad after 5 years. Because the batteries that people were relating before were lead acid batteries. These are new types of lead acid cells that are being used now.

They are also working on BMS so that they can control charging and discharging. They are also working on what innovation is needed in the battery. The battery is being designed in such a way that they are giving a 5-year warranty. But if people want to drive it for 10 years after 5 years, then it will still run the same and you not see any more shortcomings in the range.

And those people who will have the requirement of replacement, they will be able to drive their car a lot. Along with this, if I talk about the service, then yes, in today’s time, the services of electric are not so good here. Because no electric vehicle is such that you can get it repaired by a mechanic on the side of the Its technology is very different.

The hardware is also different here, plus the software is also different. And now the companies themselves provide repair and service. And because of this, its technical know-how is very different, its service engineers are very few. And every year when the generation is changing, new products are coming, that’s why they take time learn.

And that’s why there is a problem in servicing. Because these cars are not so much in the market that people do not have experience with them. Neither to repair it, nor to service it. All these things will take 1.5-2 years to solve them. Because this is not something that you solved in a jiffy. You will have to teach people about the car, you will have to educate people, which will take a time here.

And these things will start suddenly. It will take 1.5-2 years here too. But after 1-2 years, the story will be that the electric vehicles that will be found in India, they be nearly perfect. It is exactly the same as the transition from feature phones to smartphones. Smartphones came from feature phones, but they were very limited in the beginning.

But then within a few years, smartphones became very popular. And feature phones are completely over. The same thing is going to happen here. When people will know more about them, then gradually, automatically, people’s purchase decisions start changing more quickly. And in today’s time, I am seeing that the sales of petrol vehicles are going down, and the sales of vehicles are going up.

If this continues, we will see a big revolution here very soon. And the good thing is that India and India’s companies are leading here. By the way, have you driven an electric two-wheeler or not? Tell me this in the comments below.

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  2. India’s dominance in the electric two-wheeler industry is truly remarkable! It’s fantastic to witness the innovative strides and commitment towards sustainable mobility. Factors like technological advancements, affordability, and a vast market potential contribute to India’s leadership in this sector. Kudos to all the visionaries and innovators driving this positive change! 🛵🔋 #ElectricTwoWheeler #SustainableMobility #InnovationInIndia

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