Day 11 Advance Booking Report for Animal Movie | Box Office Collection Update for Animal Movie on Day 11.

Animal Box Office Collection Day 12

Day 11 Advance Booking Report for Animal Movie | Box Office Collection Update for Animal Movie on Day 11

Friends, what brother, is this movie going to be seen as the biggest second Monday even in its second Monday? Will Guy see the magical figure here on Animal Monday i.e. brother, it will hold above Rs 15 crore friends? Hello Guy, how are you? You guys are welcome, you are welcome to Animal’s Day 11. Yes Guy, that is, its 11th day’s advance booking episode. Watch it brother. The thing to say here is that Animal, friends, has made all those records which Guy has got a US certificate. Wally dreams of making a movie but Guy has a certificate here

You guys can say that the system has been broken. Here friends, we will see how much it earns today from advance booking and how much collection it can make today. Apart from this, friends, we will make some predictions in the morning itself. Gadar Pathan Jawan, what did he do on his second Monday? Look brother, it is his second Monday. It can be any day, 13th day, 14th day, even 12th day. Look guys, here we will not see this, we will see second Monday and will see that second Monday. Who did the most in Biggest Second Monday because friends, there is also rebellion here.

If you are in a very good position, then we will talk, we will see tomorrow’s early estimate. Friends, is this what you are seen doing? Let’s start this BlogPost  friends, here let us talk about what has happened in advance booking today i.e. in the second Monday. Before that, let’s take a look that whose second Monday was the biggest? So guys, here we are approximately Tiger. Alive in his box

Day 11 Advance Booking Report for Animal Movie

Friends, on the second Monday in the office, we had earned around Rs 18 crore 4 lakh. If we talk about who is in second position, then Baahubali 2, who had earned Rs 16 crore 75 lakh, then Jawan, who had earned Rs 14 crore 25 lakh. Thi Gajar who had hit something like ₹ 50 Lakhs, so guys, here you guys can say that brother, can any of these records or Animal come somewhere in these top five because friends here, if we talk about Second Friday Friends, what kind of number came from the Hindi version, it was approximately ₹ 56 lakhs and guys, it has been seen like this.

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Yes guys, it has been seen that the collection that a movie earns on its second Friday is not much less than what a movie earns on its second Friday. If you see, friends, on second Friday, Jawan had earned Rs 18 crores, then on second Monday, friends, the collection that came out is of Rs 14 crores, that is, only about Rs 4 crores fell, so guys, if we are here, then it was Rs 2 crores or some lakhs. If we drop Rs 45 crore in the money earned then guys

It is 1617 crores i.e. Guy Yeh Jo Jo Movie is not at par with A Tiger Zinda but Guy can earn Rs 1.5 crore less than that, but now after seeing what advance booking felt, friends, we will talk something like this friends. There was a calculation, now let’s talk about brother, tomorrow’s real estimator, today we will talk about what happened due to advance booking on Monday, but brother, yesterday’s real estimator, my prediction at night was 3637 crores, friends from all language Hindi version, approximately. If Rs 35 crore was mentioned then guys at night you guys can say that

Friends, the occupancy fell as if we knew that it would fall, the overall occupancy of Guy’s night came at 43.6, whereas Mumbai Guys went from 70 to 70 in the evening and reached 42 at night, whereas Delhi Guy went from 70 to 43 in the night. If we talk about Pune, then guys look, evening has gone from 75 to night 52. If we talk about Bengaluru, evening has gone from 53 to 34, that is, guys here can say that it happened guys here, look brother, whatever had to be done on Sunday. He did that but look at the night, whatever was supposed to happen happened, but now you people can say.

The real estimates that are coming are the same guys that I told you last night that 36 crores are coming, the same guy is earning something, that is, guys, his earning is approximately half the Hindi version, you guys can say. That 34 crores seems to be getting something, maybe even in 34.0 crores guys, here you people can say that 2 crores can be done from the Canadian version, that is, the re-estimate of 35 crores is sitting, so right now According to this, friends, she will be seen doing so much, so from here friends, you can approximately tell her the collection.

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You can say that all language is 432 crores friends. All language is getting 432 crores. Friends, if we talk here that what will be the earning of this movie compared to the Hindi version, then we will have 3548 4 crores in the first 9 days. In this, if we friends add 3 4 i.e. 34 crore 50 lakh, then it becomes 389 crore friends, maybe in the official friends, a similar number is seen coming 379 or 90 crore, sorry 389 or 390 crore friends, something like this will come from the Hindi version, that is, at any cost, friends, it will make 400 crore today.

Day 11 Advance Booking Report for Animal Movie

Day 11 Advance Booking Report for Animal Movie

Rest of the friends, if we find out the gross of 365 crores here, then how much is it, then guys, you guys can easily assume that this movie is 42 to 43 crores, I want to say 43 crores here because Guys, look, 41 crores had come on Saturday itself, so 43 crores India gross over shi in this, look guys, it is tremendous here, when almost guys, it is being told here that 16 crores overseas, friends, tomorrow’s Sunday is seen coming. That means 59 crores worldwide, if the makers are to be believed then this movie had earned 660 crores and 89 lakhs, that is.

Almost 720 crores, what was said last night, now friends, exactly the same thing is visible in Ali’s estimate, i.e. 719 20 crores, some official will come. Let’s see what official comes after two to four hours, but what will come today, my dear. Dear friends, today what will be gained by advance booking, so for this we will have to see the numbers of advance booking, friends, how are the numbers of advance booking, then you people can say that brother, look friends, it is above lakhs, tickets are sold out here. If we do advance booking then how much does it cost?

If I tell you, then you guys can say that brother, very few shows have fallen, where yesterday there were about 13500 shows, guys, today you guys can say that only 12000 are left, see brother. Many theaters are holding shows at 7:30 in the morning as well as 8:00 o’clock, but now look brother, it is a weekday, so the advance here has reduced but it is not that much less, friends, you guys say. You can say that the matter of advance booking here is almost close to 3 crores, friends, close to 3 crores, although not completely close to 2 crores.

And you guys can say something like 9 Lakh Guy, which according to me is a good number brother, it is a good number. Friends, Pathan Jawan had also not done this type of advance booking on his second Monday, yes Gadar had done it brother, so you People can say that guy here where a soldier earned Rs 14 crore few lakhs in his second mande where Pathan earned only Rs 8 crore 25 lakh. Guys we are talking about the Hindi version. If we talk about Gadar that Guys, how much did Gadar earn on second Monday? Approximately you guys can say that it earned around ₹ 50 lakhs, so as of now, friends, I am

The number that is visible here and approximately friends, you people can say that there is almost a very high chance that this earning of 16 crore friends i.e. it will be more than that of Jawan, however friends whether it will come in number one or not because Tiger Zinda is at number one with 18 crores, friends, look friends, Bahubali is around 16 crores and May B is 59 lakhs, he had done something, let’s see whether this guy earns 16 crores or 1630 or 17 because in the evening, friends, we will get to see the sights because in the morning. And friends, if the occupancy is good in the afternoon, let’s see if my guy is this.

Day 11 Advance Booking Report for Animal Movie

Which is the prediction of 16 crores, will it remain true till evening or not? 16 crore friends, if we see it and here if we see its Hindi, guys, that is 39 crores, you guys can assume that it is the beginning. In 10 days, it will be 406 crores, that is, if you hit 400 crores from here, can it do 200 crores in Hindi version, because if it does 200 crores, then it will create a history, that too an A rated movie. Look guys, here she is breaking the young man’s record. It’s amazing. However, look brother, you will have to struggle a little, friends.

This guy will take more time because look brother, almost the audience that was there, those people have seen this movie guy, we can almost say that the matter has come towards the foot falls of guy 3 crores, let’s see what happens next but guy here if we People talk about 16 crores from the Hindi version, what about Tamil, Telugu etc. So guys here I think around 1.5 crores can come from here also, so look brother here it is 16 crores, maybe 1 crores in the Hindi version also. Or 1.5 crore friends Tamil Telugu so I friends here approximately 17 crore net current collection

I want to say, no problem, 175 crores, not 17 crores, you people will say, then Baahubali is not gone, brother, if we are talking about the Hindi version, then guys, if we search for 1 crore gross, then it will definitely be 21 crores, friends, it must be from over Rs. It is possible that the guy here can get 5 or 6 crores, I want to give 6 crores, I want to give 27 crores and we have 27 crores, see as a my report, friends, this 720 crores will do something, that is, 727 crores, friends, its world wide will be almost worth 750 crores. How many days of the beginning is near, 11 days of the beginning, bring 250 crores, friends of 1000 crores, Pathi.

Join us, what do you think, will this guy be successful, I definitely think so, let me know, see you in the next BlogPost  that’s all for now.

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