Animal Box Office Collection Day 12 | Animal Movie Day 12 Advanced Booking Report | Animal Day 12 Box Office Collection Update.

Animal Box Office Collection Day 12

Animal Box Office Collection Day 12 | Animal Movie Day 12 Advanced Booking Report | Animal Day 12 Box Office Collection Update

Oh my goodness, what happened brother, will today earn more than yesterday? Hello guys, how are you guys, welcome, welcome to Animal’s Day 12, that is, its friends, in the second Tuesday’s episode of advance booking, brother, what are you getting from advance, friends? It felt the same, apart from this, friends, we will give you an idea in the morning as to how much it can do today. It is a different matter that friends, our A of yesterday morning i.e. of Second Monday has gone away because guys, the occupancy of tomorrow is a little. Although the matter was settled in the night, but still friends, what is coming tomorrow?

Because look guy, when I had made a prediction that I think Hindi will get 12 crores and Tamil Telugu etc. will get 135 crores, then people were saying in the comments, see, some were saying that 16-17 crores will come, which is in support of this movie. Who is a fan but Guy was in opposition and was saying that even if he earns Rs 10 crore, he will be lucky, so let’s see who will have the correct account here. How is the official number coming here? Before that, a request to you. You support us, see brother, we make BlogPost s early in the morning,

Let’s start this BlogPost , friends, today’s i.e. date 12th, we will tell you the report etc. and how far the story of advance booking has reached, how much can be earned, before that there is a re-estimator of tomorrow because many guys who are Pathan Gadar and The guys want to see the jawan’s collection broken by the animal. Those guys got scared last night because brother, look, the morning occupancy was fine but friends, there was a difference between the afternoon occupancy and evening occupancy. Afternoon occupancy was also fine. But occupancy fell in Guy’s Evening

Animal Box Office Collection Day 12

Animal Box Office Collection Day 12

But at night you guys can say that the matter has been settled friends and I was feeling that look brother people will definitely come at night because look brother it is Monday in the evening so brother see there is no holiday at all at night guys people are here here. When we get out of the job and then go and watch this movie, at some places, friends, according to this, you guys can say that the collection is quite good, friends, now if we tell you about the early estimate, What is coming guys? Exactly Ditto, my early estimate of the night is the same, that is, guys are here, as of now it is 13 crores.

It is being said that 13 crores will do something but I think my prediction will be correct, 135 crores here, 12 crores from the Hindi version and 1.5 crores from the Tamil Telugu version, so in this way guys its my a. As you know, its Hindi version is 38.37 crores. Friends, if we add 12 crores then it will be 400 crores. Friends, whoever has to do whatever he wants, do it. 400 crores will be made in Hindi in the first 11 days. You guys will say then tell me what will be the All India Net Collection.

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By mixing language, approximately friends, this movie is worth Rs. 445 crores. You guys accept it is Rs. 445 crores. Friends, you guys accept that it will do so much. Let whoever has to do say whatever, let whoever has to do whatever he wants to do. Now guys, here you guys will say. That’s okay friend, it’s okay, it will be 400 crores in Hindi, All India Net is 445 crores, but tell me whose biggest second Monday was, by the way, I had told you in the night also and in which position it can come, so look guy. If we see Tiger alive 18 crores Bahubali 16 crores 75 lakhs soldiers 14

Crore 25 Lakh Gadar to 1 Crore 50 Lakh Dangal Crore 75 Lakh Animal friends will come here where guys Animal I feel that Animal friends can come here Joke can approximately friends 12 or maybe even 125 crore because here The reports that are there are a little weak in the South version, that is, you people can believe the South version of Rs. 125 crores, the remaining Rs. 1 crore 1 crore 75 lakhs, not Rs. 1 crore 75 lakhs, that is, 1 crore 25 lakhs, that is, here guys 1. 75 crores can also come, now I am saying 12 crores 50 lakhs here so that it can come in sixth place.

And break the record of Kashmir Fall, which was earning of Rs 12 crore 40 lakh. Let’s see what happens, but as of now, friends, you can say that between Rs 135 crore and Rs 14 crore, all language Hindi accounts for Rs 12 crore. Friends, this is what has happened in the past, what is coming today, rest of you people will also ask that friend, what is happening world wide, then the gross of Rs 135 crore will be made, friends, at least Rs 16 crore will be made and overseas. Friends, reports are coming in of Rs 7 crores, that means the guy is a very good accountant, so here it is 23 crores.

Crore World Wide One, sorry, it was Crore World Wide from 7174, that is, exactly guys, the poster of 440 crores will definitely come, it will be 440 crores, 50 lakhs, I think so, let’s see what will happen after two-four hours, but Guy, the biggest thing to say here is This is that yesterday i.e. on second Monday, it passed its Monday test, but guys, I wanted to see 15 crores, 15 crores from All India Net, not just the Hindi version, because let me tell you here, friends, on second Friday, it passed 2 Had earned some amount of Rs. 47 crores, so if we friends compare then how many guys movies

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Friends, the amount it earns in its second Monday falls only around Rs 2-4 crore, but it falls more because see, friends, maximum people have gone and seen this movie and now the side effect will be visible here, its A certificate means that the family cannot go there. There are single people who are guys boys, guys can say here that you people can say that those who watch mean and violent movies can go but guys family stands for a long time, which is a movie, not a family, you have a certificate. Wally is a long race horse but guys see that this

Friends, how much does she do on week days? Here friends, it is also possible that in these week days she will come in single digit, however see brother, I want to say that friends, Jawan Pathan too had come in single digit even Gadar. Also but guys here there will be a challenge ahead of this where guys challenge is that when Donkey and Su come then guys here will definitely take a break because it is already a big movie guys let’s see what happens next but you guys can say ok Number friends, something came here, its guys Tuesday i.e. today is advance if I friends.

Animal Box Office Collection Day 12

Let me tell you that it has become equal to yesterday, it has become even a little more than yesterday, will you guys agree, friends, if I tell you the report of yesterday’s advance booking, then almost we had said that it was something around 2 crores and 0 lakhs, but guys, if If we guys tell you the things about the advance booking here on Day 12 i.e. its 12th day, then you guys can say that brother, here this movie has done a very tremendous advance booking and I think friends, this is a Good sign that the movie will hold good, not much but guys tomorrow

It is the same as you guys, not much, meaning it is a little lower. You guys can talk about ₹ crore 75 lakhs, that so much advance has been made because according to me, as per week days, friends, it is a good number, brother, a good number. It is 2 crore 75 lakh, something has been done in advance here and I think friends, it will make a very good collection here even today, even in Hindi it will be double digit. Yes brother, maximum people have seen it. Yes brother, friends of 3 crore, a few feet. Falls have arrived but if I friends tell you as of now how much this movie can do very comfortably

Friends, here tomorrow if there are some reports of Rs 125 crore then double digit then today I will accept it. Guys, approximately friends, here I am saying about Rs 11 crore, but guys, I have dropped only Rs 1.5 crore and not much left, so let’s see in the evening. What is the meaning of Tamil, Telugu etc. Mila’s friends, 1 crore i.e. 12 crore friends, its all language Hindi collection, All India Net collection, here it is exactly 400 crores in 11 days, if we add 11 crores to it, then 411 Do it friends, its Hindi version will be the most popular in the first 12 days.

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Big deal guys, will this movie happen here? Can this movie make Rs 550 crore friends? Now we leave the jawan here. Before leaving the jawan, friends, let’s throw Gadar, Pathan and Bahubali here. Ask why because look brother. Look here immediately brother, ABC is D, A is not root, okay, first we will report the middle movies, after that we will see what will happen to Jawan, but what to say here is that this is the coming Saturday. There is no movie coming as far as I remember so guy a good shot we will have to take this one let’s see what happens but I feel like

Animal Box Office Collection Day 12

Friends, this collection will be done well by Atlist and we will see what happens when Donkey Salaar comes, but guys, 500 crores are fixed, write 500 crores on any blank paper, its Hindi version is fixed, brother, All India net collection is 550. Crore, can it be even 600 Crore, then the calculation should be something like this i.e. 12 Crore, from All India Hindi version, friends, you guys can say that 11 Crore for now, let’s see in the rest of the evening, what happens to the rest guys, if you guys Here, ask me, friends, what can this movie do worldwide, we have you guys, please accept it.

There are reports that it is worth 740 crores, I told you the accounts of yesterday, friends of 12 crores, if we find out the gross then it will be 14 or 145 crores, I take less, 14 crores, rest of the guys here, if we talk about overseas then Guy, look now friends, the overseas collection will fall by 5 crores, I will take the rest, I don’t know what will come in the evening, Guy, it will be 760 crores, 760 crores would be 759 crores, but let’s assume 60, rest Guy, look till today i.e. 12 days. By this time it will make Rs 760 crores. Let’s assume that it still has Wednesday and Thursday left, that is, this

There are two more days left in the weekday, guys, even if we take very less, I will take at least 30 crores. I am taking two days of Wednesday and Thursday, world wide, two days. If we are not taking more than 30 crores, then guys. This will be approximately 790 crores i.e. 790 crores, if it exceeds then it will become 800 crores, maybe it will also be there, after that Friday, Saturday Sunday will be decisive, it will have to make very good collections, only then friends, go and reach that 1000 crores, that magical thousand. It is crores, it will be able to cross this, rest these movie guys can say that here

Earning of 200 crores brother, it is not a child’s play, only Shahrukh Khan, friends, has shown such numbers this year, no one else, tell me what to say, rest will meet in the next BlogPost , that’s all for now.

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