A comprehensive review of the 2024 TVS Apache RTR 310 – Is it superior to the KTM Duke 250?

A comprehensive review of the 2024

A comprehensive review of the 2024 TVS Apache RTR 310 – Is it superior to the KTM Duke 250?

today’s BlogPost first of all we will tell you Let me tell you the price of TV10, it starts from Rs 2.43 lakh ex-showroom and Goal 2.64 lakhs one showroom, you have three variants in this, first of all the base variant in which you do not get quick shifter, after that there is this color, then after that there is Fury Yellow, Fury Yellow is the most expensive, after that comes your Dynamic Kit, Dynamic Pro Kit, Color Kit, Color Kit. I have sepang blue color so there are lot of options like this I would say go to TVS website once and look for your rtr160cc even if it has more power so even two it is based on the rr310 but this motorcycle looks very aggressive and it is a very aggressive motorcycle To ride also, we will talk about that a lot now.

A comprehensive review of the 2024

It has a strong design, the design is very good, it looks like a mini T, the rest of the friends start their own, so there are a lot of features too, that is, there are a lot of features as standard, then after that, if you want fully adjustable ball suspension, you want heated and cooled seats. If you want then by doing this you are going to get a lot of things here so we have the kits and all the rest let’s start from the front so look at this first of all man this is such a big unit here you are getting dynamic twin LED head lights What does dynamic mean? Dynamic means as you speed up.

Increase or decrease depending upon the speed, it will alter both brightness and throw so that you get excellent visibility. So here you are getting dynamic twin LED head lights, rest here are DRS, LED turn signals are written here AT 310. After that I told you if you want fully adjustable ball suspension you can go with the kit so there you will be able to adjust all the things like compression rebound a preload so that’s ABS after that you get these alloys here tubeless tires from Milan There are tires and ours come this

On the engine side of the vehicle or so compared to the RR310 this engine produces more power so first of all it’s reverse inclined being reverse inclined it is forward and at the same time the wheel base is not a lot of this motorcycle is reverse inclined The advantage is that the engine is at the front, now it is at the front, so you can keep a longer swing, if the swing is longer then your stability becomes very good, but the wheel base of the car is very short, so the car also has a lot of flick force. Meaning it turns very smoothly at the same time the stability is also very good so both

You get the benefit of things here, it is reverse inclined, it is liquid cooled, it has DOAC engine, also if you look here, it is the venting of the fan, the vents are given here, so all the air will come out from here, so you will not feel any pain in your feet. That is also a good thing, but if we talk about the power of this engine then it is 312 12.

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The engine is 12 cc liquid cooled e20 compla bs6 phase 2 everything is there here it produces 35.6 hp power and 28.7 amp talk power how is it because it has 1.6 hp power more compared to the rr310 so how is the power delivery etc. now We will talk about that, so more power and it is a lighter motorcycle, 169 kg, so it is quite light, so that’s more, look at how aggressive the design is, I mean, it is a very design, I love it, this red one is given here and that is good. The branding is very correct, I will tell you the exhaust, after that you will get all this here.

If you get this then you get a complete feeling after seeing it. Now let us come towards the fuel tank of this vehicle, so here you get a fuel tank of 11 liters. And look at all of this, the fit and finish here is so perfect. Doesn’t it mean look at the proper fit and finish proper here you are going to feel the premium ness which is a very good thing adjust ball levers and then there are the kill switch and all cruise control so if you are going for the Dynamic Pro kit there you will get dynamic cruise control so depending upon the lean angle and all that

It will reduce the speed so that you can easily lean comfortably in the corners, so there are many things, if you are going for the pro cade and want adjustable ball suspension, then you are going to get many things here but it is a standard motorcycle today. You have this is the standard variant, so let’s talk about what is there here, so this is cruise control, heard lights, here you have all the controls, yes, it is very fast and here you get this 5 inch instrument cluster. It has a very good display, that means its entire interface etc. look at it.

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Ride mode is So Urban Range Sport Track, you get full power in Track, after that in rain, ABS becomes more sensitive, power becomes linear, Urban is good for cities and all, so by doing this, power etc. also increases here, then trip. Details after that, My Vehicle, Service Record, Performance Record, after that Documents, if you want to save something, after that there are Preferences, Dynamic Head Lights, here you can go to automatic or manual and set it etc., so all these things are there, after that DRS. Here you get the settings Traction Control

So you can turn it on and off quick shifter, that too you will be able to do here, after that there is connectivity because here you get this smart one connect so you can pair the phone and that means then you get call details, message details, all these things are here. After that you will get display setup, so this is day and night mode, custom widgets, after that there is speed alert, if you want alert then there are many things, and if you are going for the dynamic pro cate there then you will get dynamic traction control and You will get so many things, it will be fun, so there

You are going to get other things, rest of this is the standard variant and its fitting etc. are also angle very good so no issues with that and now let us come to the seat side of this vehicle so if you are going for the kits and all there you will get heated. You will get a fully cooled seat, so you will feel both heating and cooling in the seat, but today you have the normal variant, so the cushioning etc. is good in it, you get a good area for the rider, there is proper support here, TVS Racing is written on it, rest is palin. Quiet step up for

Decent, the rest of the rider will sit very comfortably here. Grab rails are available here. Now coming to the rear look of this vehicle, look at the rear design, how aggressive it is, I mean see, there is no need to put a tail ID here. Because here you get everything, so it has such an aggressive design, there are LED tail lights and here you get dynamic LED tail lights, so if you brake very aggressively, they will blink so that the person behind can understand that yes. Brother, the person in front is stopping fast, so it will blink, so it is also dynamic.

A comprehensive review of the 2024

The front one is also dynamic, the rest is all, you get petal disc at the rear too. If we talk about the rear tire profile, you get a 150 section tire at the rear and here the entire tire is inside in which your number plate etc. will be placed. Come this way so today we have the quick shifter variant so here we have bi directional quick shifter so you can up shift and down shift without using the clutch so one thing left is see all this tar hugger and all side stand cut off There are sensors and all these things, so this is a very aggressive looking motorcycle, there are a lot of features, a lot.

All things are there also you get ride by hotel here so this motorcycle is loaded with features, now let me do one thing for you let me play its exhaust note and then we will ride it let’s [Music] Go the power delivery on this The thing is absolutely crazy first of all the throttle control. If you want to learn throttle control in a motorcycle, how much throttle should be given, how should it be given, you learn here friend in the corner, even the smallest throttle makes the

The motorcycle is so aggressive all of a sudden you have so much power so here you throttle control is absolutely crazy and after that the power right from the start the pickup is so aggressive the mid range is so damn aggressive at the top and again yer so damn aggressive This motorcycle revs as if it doesn’t know where to go It revs so aggressively It goes to the red line so quickly Right now we’re in urban mode We’re not even in the sports mode So in the urban mode It itself is so damn aggressive And the power delivery I just love it even two ktm du0120tu cycles might be because of the throttle

Control might be because of the way the tuning has been done but I feel this is a more aggressive motorcycle The weight makes you feel the power delivery The throttle input Like all these things make a big difference you feel you are riding a more aggressive a more powerful Motorcycle compared to the ktm390cc make this motorcycle go absolutely crazy and you will be like oh my god what is happening on top of that if i talk about the refinement the refinement is decent as the rpm increases you feel the pressure on the handle bar There is a buzzy feeling on the seat and on the foot packs.

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But that according to me is not a problem because that adds to the character. When that slight buzzing comes, you feel that yes brother, you are driving a powerful car. Now I will not say that because of that buzzing, someone is driving my car. There is a problem because I am not feeling any problem, there is a slight buzzing, it hurts to the character but it is never uncomfortable so there is no problem in terms of comfort, rest yes it adds to the character which is a very good thing and That’s that, I have told you a little bit about busing in the seat in the foot peg here.

You will feel it but the power delivery is what makes me so damn excited about this motorcycle. Also, till now I have not felt any problem in terms of heating. Now anyway, the cold days have come so the heating etc. is not felt that much. So till now I mean, I have not felt the fan or anything turning on even once, till now neither the fan has turned on nor anything has happened, so the heating is well managed, the rest of the power delivery is absolutely amazing, the hotel is import killer, I just love it. Na, it’s absolutely killer, it’s so direct, I will probably intimidate first time riders a bit.

Those who use the button regularly will find this remote input so much fun, because it will be like I have so much control. It’s like mind and body connection. It’s like mind and body connection. It’s the same connection as thought here. So it is very correct, now let’s talk about the gear box of this vehicle. First of all, here you get a slipper clutch, so the clutch is very light, you will use it very comfortably and if you want to down shift aggressively, you can. Do that very easily and here you get a six speed gear box with a bi directional quick shifter so

I showed you in the beginning how it does the shifting, see one of the best quick shifters I have used till date, this is one of the best, it is so smooth, see it never gets stuck, see this shifting in one go. Gives so it never lets you down proper is smooth shifting even if the speed is less still it doesn’t mean to you that I will not give proper shifting no this look abhi apne kitne pe hain 30 pe hain no issues yaar properly down shift Will shift properly so it’s one of the best quick shifters I’ve used till date

That and apart from that the shifting is absolutely amazing it is a very precise gear box so here you feel the precision, rest now let’s talk about the sitting position of this vehicle, I liked the sitting position so much here because You are slightly slim at the front. The foot pegs are quite far back but at the same time it is never uncomfortable. There is no problem in terms of comfort but the way this motorcycle like wraps around you is because of the position where You can tuck your legs, you can hold the car in the way that means here you

The sitting position that you get is very evolving so there is proper grip here, you get that proper confidence, you are slightly lean towards the front, the foot packs are towards the back but never uncomfortable at the same time it gives you so Much control over the motorcycle, the seat is also very comfortable so proper, you feel that control here, you feel that yes man, everything is under my control and at the same time you are not uncomfortable but also the comfort is also good so sitting. Friend, I really liked the position here, now the rest is up to you.

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Now let’s look at all the commentary I have done till now about the suspension of this car. You might like that there will be very stuff suspension here but it is not so, the front is quite comfortable, the rear is also quite comfortable because here. The initial absorbency is very good, so if suddenly a port hole etc. comes, it absorbs it well, not that it will throw you off and when you drive normally like this, you get that stiff feeling. That yes means this is a sports motorcycle so you feel that yes in the car there is a

The butt is stiff as soon as you go into the pot it absorbs everything all of a sudden without any problem so that’s the cent feedback here you get decent feedback and apart from that there is no problem in comfort etc. No, so you are going to have a lot of fun in corners etc. Deatchy ABS or also have the Super Moto AS If you want to lock the rear, you can do that but let’s talk about the rear brake first Okay for the first time I don’t know any sports motorcycle The rear brake is feeling good because the rear is good man the bite

Is good The feedback is good The stopping power is good The rear brake is a good one I like it very good Now let’s talk about the front brake of this vehicle The front is also dumb Good man The connection is very good The bite is good The feedback is good, here it means you get proper feel in both the pedals that yes how much brake you have applied so the braking is very good of this motorcycle and we also have super moto ABS so if you want to stop the rear then you do dual. The channel is ABS so no issue with that now let’s take a ute now the weight of this motorcycle is 160 kg

The butt is very easy to handle, that is, you do not feel the weight etc. at all. My height is 6 feet, which means 5758 feet, your feet are going to come here very comfortably, so you will not face any problem in driving this motorcycle in the traffic of Delhi. Which is a good thing? Look, it absorbs well so the suspension is very good comfortable but at the same time it gives you good handling and stability. Now let’s talk about the mileage of this vehicle so you can easily. Get around 30 to 32 km per liter So from 30 to 32 km per liter you will get here

Mileage mil jaayega so that is about the mileage mileage is good man looking at all the power and the aggression this motorcycle has I have no issues itna to man ab karna padega na baaki yahan pe you also get cruise control if you are going for the Pro kit there you will get dynamic cruise control, so it will reduce the dependence on the lean speed etc. in the corners, so that is also there, now you have this normal variant, so here, there is normal cruise control, so should you buy Datchi RT1 or not, so First of Fall This is a Very Aggressive Motorcycle The Way It Made Me Feel Today The Throttle Control

Even in the slightest input, the way this motorcycle reacts, the power delivery, the sitting position, all of that is absolutely amazing, so if I compare it with the competition, first of all, if you are going for a ktm250cc, this is a much better option even if you are going For the base variant I would say man this is a much better motorcycle compared to ktm250cc this is the one for you after that many people go for it and due.

A comprehensive review of the 2024

A comprehensive review of the 2024

to Any Day But If You Want More Power More Aggression Than I Will Say You Can Go For 390 V So Only You Know, Only I Know But Man, The Things That This Motorcycle Is Offering At This Price Means It Was Enjoyed Mine is such an aggressive motorcycle, so cancel the 250, take this one, I am telling you very simple, after that if you are comparing it with the Duck 390, according to me, look, I did not feel the same level of aggression here. Yes, you get more power there, that’s one thing, but at a lower price, I don’t find this deal bad at all, so if I had a lower budget and I wanted that much.

If I didn’t want to spend then I would have taken this but yes if I want more power I would have gone for w 390 but this is an absolutely amazing motorcycle if you want more features you can go for the dynamic kit dynamic pro kit then you get wheelie control and so on Things you will get here Dynamic cruise control Fully adjustable ball suspension If you want the blue color you have the option for that also So there are a lot of features There are a lot of things It’s a very aggressive motorcycle I just love it The design Fit and Finish The Technology It Has I Love It So If You’re Looking for an Aggressive Naked Street

Motorcycle Totally go for this one at this price or should I say maybe even cancel the above one, take it but it is very good man, isn’t it a very good motorcycle I just love it

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