Bajaj Group Sets New Benchmark 🔴 Bajaj Shares | Bajaj Finance | Bajaj Auto Update Breaks Records.

Hello friends, Namaskar, in this BlogPost we are going to talk about a very amazing and wonderful news, see the meaning of share market if we talk about it. New hi, so we have been setting it up recently and we have already seen it here and whenever this type of record breaking speed is seen here, it is okay, so in the meantime, it means a lot of records. There are breaks and different meanings are spoken, new records are also made here, so if we

Talking about share market, if we talk about our country India, you can see many big business groups, so here you all know that it is fine as per market cap, it is fine as per market capitalization. If seen, 10 lakh crores or a very big benchmark remains here whether 10 lakh crores means it is a group company or an individual company, so if seen in this way, in the listed space in India, we have about four Such groups were seen whose market cap was more than Rs 10 lakh crore, but friends, this rally

Okay, because of what we have said first, meaning after the election numbers, then after the next day, if we were seeing the rally here in Nifty, after this we can say friends, now one more group has joined here, meaning total five. There have been such groups whose market cap is seen crossing Rs 10 lakh crore and now we are going to try to know a little information about the fifth group here, so what are the first four groups, friends? So it is very simple, there is one, okay, it is a very big group, you people know the market is above Rs 10 lakh crore.

Bajaj Group Sets New Benchmark

The cap is given that this group will remain there, you all know it here, okay next, if we talk about Adani Group, it is also seen that its market cap is more than 10 lakh crores, it is also seen that of the fourth. If we talk about HDAC, which we can say right now, then friends, we are going to talk about that, so related to Bajaj Group, if I talk about it, you can see that it is about 97 years ago, okay.

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Meaning it was started here in 1926, you can see the founder here, Jamunalal Bajaj, he started here here, meaning we can say what can happen in 2026 26, Bajaj Group can complete 100 years here, okay Do you know whether any Bajaj Group companies have completed 100 years? Do you know whether they give dividends, give bonuses, maybe for the sake of happening. Obviously, we are talking about the entire group here, not about individual companies, okay? So it is not possible to get some things in every company but yes sometimes if individually

Such a thing can happen like we saw in Buzzer Paint, okay then it is quite possible that this can happen, the chances are a little less anyway so [music] This is also a company related to NBFC investment, and many more. We can see their huge stakes in all the companies, even scooters. If we talk about it, it is also a very big company. You can see its chart pattern, it is quite volatile, but yes, right now. Due to the tremendous growth, its chart pattern has also been seen going from left to right to the top. And

If we talk about Maharashtra Scooter here, then you can find it as an unregistered core investment company, so definitely as per the market cap, you can see this midcap sized company here, but yes, if you look at Maharashtra Scooter also, If we talk about investment, if you go and check Promoter Holding 51 and Promoter, then you will see the same names which I just told you, Bajaj’s. Friends, Bajajfinance.

If you look at the overall chart pattern then we can say that right now left to right will be seen above but yes it moves very flat, your money will remain blocked for a long time, after that if a miracle happens then here If it runs away, that’s why we usually don’t cover Bajaj Electrical much here, but yes, the company is not bad, we can say this here too. Next, if we talk about Guess Bajaj Consumer Care, this is also from Bajaj Group. Friends, you can tell from the name itself that the company is Consumer Care and its share price and chart pattern.

If you look, this is very bad. We are not seeing any consistency here. This is also a small company. It is a small cap type company, we do not cover it much here, so a little. You can study here from above, you can study here Next, if we talk friends, then yes Bajaj Sugar, whose full name, if we speak, then we get to see Bajaj Hindustan Sugar, we can say that it is one of the Bajaj Group. This is a penny stock, we see very few single digit, double digit stocks here.

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And in sugar companies, you know that friends, we are seeing a low back here. If we talk about ethanol blending, then many people have seen it here too. Bajaj or Hindustan Sugar also try to track it here, but only here Bajaj is not a group company, that is why it is available here at a cheap price, so it is not a parameter to go blind and invest. Okay, but if you want, you can consider this also, once upon a time, you can see where you were and the current position.

You can definitely check here, we can see a small cap type company here, so if we talk about Bajaj Hindustan Sugar, we can also see this company working here since 1931. And You can see that the company is engaged in the manufacturer of sugar alcohol ethanol, which we are getting to see here right now. Okay, so if you want this thing too, then definitely keep it on your radar to study here. You can keep it again, I am saying only here that penny stock means the price is very cheap, okay – 30 pe stock to see.

Bajaj Group Sets New Benchmark

Bajaj Group Sets New Benchmark

You are getting it, that’s why they say meaning, don’t keep that type of mentality that it is cheap and buy here after seeing the price, so you don’t have to do such things, if you want then you can definitely keep the rest of the things on focus here, as seen for now. We did not get to see such special numbers of the company here and the result of this is that the share price of the company is seen to be so down from left to right. If it is more in Ethanol then start giving your focus. Let’s do it and there, if the business starts building then it might also be possible.

If you want, you can say that miracles can be seen happening in this too. If we talk about a big company, then we have forgotten about Bajaj Auto. If we talk about Bajaj Auto, then it is a tremendous company. It is also the flagship company of Bajaj Group. It is also available here. It is seen that if we talk about two wheeler segment, if we talk about three wheeler segment, then their business is tremendous not only in the domestic market but they also export their product, bikes, to about 70 to 80 countries. It is an amazing company. If you want then definitely study it also.

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You can do it multiple times here. Anyway, if you look at it, we have already covered it here, so there are many companies of Bajaj Group which you might have seen like this, if not today then tomorrow. There are also some such companies, one or two companies about which you will not know much, okay, anyway, there is no benefit here, only knowledge will increase, earning will not increase here because the company does not get you to see so much special. Yes, friends, if we talk about Mukand here, then friends, this is also from Bajaj Group.

This is a billing company. If you look at the overall chart pattern, there is nothing energetic. It is fine for traders. From the investment point of view, nothing special is visible here. It is fine from left to right, it goes up here, but the average return is so much. Friends, if we talk here about Mukand Limited, then we can see people working in the metal segment related to steel and yes this has also been done. In the future, there will be more such big groups here, friends.

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  1. Absolutely thrilling news! The Bajaj Group’s exceptional performance, breaking records across Bajaj Shares, Bajaj Finance, and Bajaj Auto, is a testament to their unwavering dedication and innovative approach. Their consistent rise sets a new benchmark in the industry and speaks volumes about their commitment to excellence. Here’s to continued success and setting even higher standards! 🚀📈 #BajajGroup #BreakingRecords #SuccessStory

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